Self Development

A Good Day

Shafts of bright morning sunlight pierce in through the windows. It looks like, it’s going to be a lovely sunny day. I start my day with music. It’s a ritual thing that I do almost every day: Listen to music when I stand up and when I go to bed. Now, I am full of positive energy to go through the day. It’s going to be a good day. Whatever’s waiting for me, I’m ready. I know I am going to be extremely busy today, and for the rest of this year, to be exact. But I do what I love. So I don’t mind. I enjoy being busy with the things that interest me the most. I’d be bored myself to death if I couldn’t do what I wanted to do.

I also get rejected all the time. This is part of an actor’s life. But I learn to take advantage of the rejections to a great extent. They just make me stronger and do whatever I can to reach my goals, just to prove them wrong. Literally. So, rejections do not discourage me. Besides, they motivate me in a way to stay on the right track, to work harder to make my dreams come true. They just confirm to yourself that you believe in yourself so much that nothing or nobody can make you doubt yourself. Period.

New selfie from a few days ago.

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