I Want to Live in Shoreditch

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I like going to Brick Lane, Shoreditch, and the surrounding areas. They are just the trendiest places to live, including Camden. I just want to live in a place where things happen to make me feel alive, honestly! Where I live now it’s also nice. But nothing much is going on. It’s more suitable for a family with kids, I think. Yes, it’s very family friendly because it’s very quiet. Sometimes, too quiet. And there are pubs and something like that. But they are not so hip & trendy. They are more for local people. I want to live somewhere central, multicultural, bohemian, good for eating and going out, cosmopolitan, modern, fashionable, and the like. Therefore I rarely hang out in my own area. Although I live quite close to Wimbledon Village. I prefer to go somewhere else completely different, such as Camden, Shoreditch.

Somewhere near Shoreditch.

King’s Road

The Search For The Crew

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I have been looking for a DOP and SFX makeup artist all day long. And it begins to yield a fruitful result. I have now found a SFX makeup artist. Now, one more film crew I need is the DOP/cameraman. Then, my film is ready to be shot as soon as possible. When you really look for something, you will find it. It’s as simple as that. I will take time off now before continuing to take pains to search for the DOP later on today. I’m gonna watch a good film and have my lunch. I feel like watching a comedy, to relax my mind and have a laugh a little. Maybe, I will have a glass of red wine as well. But maybe not. I try to refrain myself from alcohol while I’m working on my filmmaking project, so that I can concentrate on it 100%.

I decided not to go to a market anyway today. Too busy to go anywhere. Once my filmmaking project is over, I can relax. I’m really passionate about this horror short “Blood Group O” project that I need a good focus and be hard working to bring it to life. I get a feeling, it’s gonna be a very exciting project with a good plot and talented cast & crew. I can’t wait to get the camera rolling asap. After seeing a movie, which I will in a minute, I may start planning the shoot, crafting a call sheet, making a budget, and all that ready. When you prepare yourself well in advance, you feel more confident with the creation of your art.

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

Vintage Market

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If the weather is good tomorrow, I may go vintage market. I just need to take a break from my work for a while. I may go to Portobello Road market. I haven’t been there for a very long time. I love going to markets. It just gives me a sense of renewal, entertainment, and new adventure experience. I feel like travelling the world around in one single place. I also love looking at bohemian clothes and antiques, especially from the 70’s and 80’s. I just feel like going back in time walking around the flea market. The things that I tend to buy at the market are jewellery and clothes. I think all women do. And, of course, I have to try different foods as well. If you go to farmers market and don’t try various foods that you don’t normally eat, then you don’t really get the most out of your time there.

Summer is the perfect time to visit the markets. I haven’t been to all markets in London, yet. So maybe tomorrow I will go to a completely new market that I have never been before. I have a couple of them in mind. I would need to get up early tomorrow then if I wanted to go to the market. Public transport in London can take me ages to get to anywhere. And when the weather is good, sunshine and all that, there will also be lots of people in town – both tourists and Londoners. So when I actually arrive at the market, the time may already be late. Then, I don’t have much time to walk around and enjoy the environment before the market closes.

I Am Now on Spotlight

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I am now a Spotlight member. I have been busy still looking for crew members for my upcoming horror short “Blood Group O.” Then, I also have lots of self-tape auditions to make. And yesterday, I had also just finished filming a short film as an actress. But it’s not my film. I am also an actor. So I do work on film sets as well as an actor on top of making my own films. The short film I was filming yesterday, I played a maid with an Asian accent. So, I really look forward to seeing the film once it is complete. It will also be sent to film festivals. So once I get all the info and screening dates, I will let you know ๐Ÿ™‚

By the way, the house we were filming yesterday, the owner is also Danish. She’s very nice. So it was a coincidence. I started talking Danish with her. And some people scratched their heads because I look Asian, but I speak Danish?! I don’t really speak Danish with nobody. But yesterday, all of the sudden I had to converse in Danish and I could talk Danish as if I still speak the language daily. She was surprised when I told her I rarely speak Danish to anyone here in UK. I think, it’s just in the back of my head. It just comes out naturally whenever I have to speak Danish despite I haven’t spoken the language for years.

I also have to finish my screenplay. But for the time being, I think, I will focus on the search for film crew members first. I really want to bring this project to life. So for now, I will spend my energy to make this horror short “Blood Group O.” I’m getting there. There are now only two crew members that I still need: A DOP and a (SFX) makeup artist. I have everybody else in place. So I have to find these two crew members asap, so that I can start shooting the film. I am just so busy with lots of things at the minute. So I don’t actively seek them. Now, I will need to be more serious if I want this horror short to be made as soon as possible.

Below is the dog on the film set yesterday. She also worked on the set in one of the scenes. She’s so cute and very good. She did a good job. She just did what they wanted her to do in one take. That’s it.

Posing for selfie.
The DOP was also female. You can see her back carrying that thing to support or hold the camera.

Music Festival

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Festival time is just right around the corner. When I say festival, I don’t mean film festival, I mean music festival. I loved going to music festivals when I was younger. So, this year, I will try to go to music festivals again after a long break. I think, last time I went to music festival was in 1,999 or 2,000 when I still lived in Denmark. The year when the disaster took place in which about 9 or 10 people died during Pearl Jam concert at Roskilde Festival in 2,000. Or maybe I went to the festival the year before that. I just can’t quite remember. Anyway, we attended various concerts while we were at the festival. And I must say, Marilyn Manson’s show was out of this world. It’s one of my favourites. I am not a total fan of his music. Maybe a few songs. But his performance was phenomenal and entertaining.

But then something horrible and unexpected occured. What happened was that my friend was a devoted fan of Marilyn Manson. So she dragged me to the front of the stage, so that she could see him clearly. Everything looked good so far. But as soon as Marilyn Manson walked onstage, everybody was rushed to the front. And I am a tiny person. So human current pushed me far back into the middle of the audience, separating me from my friend who was still at the front of the stage. But only because she clasped the railing in front of the stage tightly, to save herself. But she’s also very tall and stronger than me. I could then feel my body was rapidly going down and down, and could barely see the sky because lots of people just jumping over me heading to the front of the stage. Just before something went horribly wrong, I could feel a hand grabbed my hand and pulled me through the mass and out of that madness. It was a big guy. I don’t quite remember if he was a security staff or just one of the concertgoers. But he saved my life definitely. The situation was exactly similar to what happened during Pearl Jam concert at Roskilde Festival in Denmark in 2,000. And if he didn’t haul me out of that huge crowd, I am almost certain that I would not survive.

After that life and death experience, I never return to the music festival again. This year, I am going to do it.

VFX Makeup Artist

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I have everybody applied for all positions that I have advertised looking for film crew for my horror short “Blood Group O” but VFX makeup artist? Why nobody applies? I can see, there’s a lack of it in film industry. There are some, of course. But not as many as normal makeup artist, DOP, photographer, runner, AD, sound recordist, editor, and so on. Because, if there are as many as other crew members, sure someone would have applied. But, I get zero application so far. But I get lots of applications from everybody else. So I consider, maybe I will just take a VFX makeup artist class and do it myself. Maybe it’s easier. Waiting for some to apply could take me ages for that to happen. If I took the (VFX) makeup artist course from the beginning when I first posted the ad, which was about a few weeks ago, I might have completed it by now and be able to apply the VFX makeup myself. Then, there are fewer crew members to hire. I’m also an amateur photographer. So, learning how to apply makeup professionally could also benefit me. Because, I could also apply the makeup for the models myself. So I might enrol myself in (VFX) makeup course. I am going to shoot my film soon. But, I might postpone the filming date until I have completed the makeup course. I have been working in film & TV for the past 15 years and know, there are plenty of jobs within film industry alone. So, it creates lots of work in various sections, departments, and many more – both working on the film set itself and in the office. But many may not realise that. I forget that myself. But when I started searching for film crew not long ago, I could see that I just look for film crew for my 5-minute short film, but I need almost 10 crew members, and maybe more. And when I work on set myself, I can see there’s an army of film crew working on an actual feature film. So, there’s a lot of jobs just for 1 movie to be made. And surprisingly, the payment is quite good, compared to traditional jobs. And one of the best parts of it is that, you do not need high education to be able to do most of these jobs. So, it’s very easy for anyone to get hired as long as they have the right skills, hard working, ambitious, passionate about what they do, and so on.

I took some photos of this girl, Grace, when I tried to teach myself to become a photographer in 2017.

Movie Pitch

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Home again after a movie pitch or a script pitch. It’s not an actual pitch which I had to pitch in front of film producers or studio executives, to make them buy my script or hire me to write a screenplay. It’s more like a test or a practice, to train myself to pitch in front of people and become good at it. So today, I did the pitch before other new writers like me, professional screenwriters who have excellent track records and have their screenplays made into films and TV series, and so on, for them to give me some constructive feedback. It was a really valuable experience, indeed. Now I know how to pitch effectively and get people to care about my screenplays. I wasn’t nervous at all. I am a performer, after all. So, standing in front of lots of people alone and doing the talk or presentation isn’t an issue for me. The real trick is: How to make them to like my story or how to engage them in just 90 seconds, so that they get excited about my script and want to know more. At first, when I did practise at home, I thought to myself: I can’t do it in 90 seconds because it’s just too quick. I trained and trained at home. And I couldn’t make it in 90 seconds. But when I actually stood there doing the pitching for real, I could finish it in 90 seconds anyway, or almost, with all the key points being delivered. So, I surprised myself. I just did it without speculating too much whether or not I could complete the pitch within 90 seconds. When I got rid of my own fear, I was no longer anxious about how I was going to deliver the pitch interestingly in merely 90 seconds. I think, your own fear is your worst enemy. So today, I did learn a lot about how to pitch successfully and how to prepare myself for the pitch.



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I just have cereal for breakfast today. It’s one of the quickest early meals. It’s like eating a bunch of grapes, a few bananas, an apple, and other fruits for breakfast instead of traditional breakfast. It’s quick and healthy. Cereal tastes good when I don’t have it too often. I have not had it for breakfast like maybe a few years or longer than that. When it comes to breakfast, I rarely think about cereal. I don’t really feel like having it for breakfast. It’s just not my cup of tea. I don’t know why when it is a vital breakfast. You can even have it as dessert, just add a lump of sugar. But some cereal is already sweet. So maybe you don’t have to, which is better when you eliminate sugar intake to the minimum. Cereal has many benefits. So if I had it daily or often, it would help keep my state of health in top form, combined it with healthy diet and regular exercise, of course. Speaking of workout, I am going to start going to the gym and resuming my dancing and martial arts classes soon.

Cereal for breakfast for a change.

I Love Monday

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Monday again. A start of the week. Some people don’t like Monday, mostly 9-5 people. But I like Monday. I just can’t wait to get going, to start creating something, and similar. I look forward to a busy week ahead already. I just love being busy and have something to do. It just makes me feel alive. Even when I have a day off, I will go somewhere anyway, such as a market, a beach if it’s warm. Only at the moment that I don’t really go anywhere because I’m working on my drama screenplay constantly, trying to get it done as soon as possible. Then, my horror short film project as well. But once I have finished both of them, I will celebrate by going on vacation for a short while. Maybe just for two weeks’ holiday or a weekend break. It will, definitely, be somewhere in Europe. Maybe Copenhagen ๐Ÿ™‚

I usually find my source of inspiration for my films and screenplays from real life events, my own experience, something that happened to someone I know, and so on. I think because I know the stories very well, and therefore can tell them in a way that is more unique and believable. And that’s why I so look forward to finishing my drama script because it’s also based on a true story, just like my horror short “Blood Group O.” I just can’t wait to make movies from interesting stories. I also get a sense of achievement as I write my own manuscripts and make my own movies. It’s just a wonderful feeling to have created a piece of work or art since you’re so passionate about what you do. Money is not really a matter of concern for most artistes, I think. All they wanted to do is just to do what they love. I think that’s pretty much it. That’s exactly what I also did when I performed for free at Theatre Deli not long ago. After I was done with the show and the audience seemed to be entertained by it and gave me a big applause, that was the height of joy for me. It was a real reward than money. I just love to entertain. And I will never cease to do what I love.

Selfies of the day.

Runner or 3AD Wanted

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What I now need are a runner/3AD and a makeup artist for the making of my horror short, “Blood Group O.” The rest of the film crew, I think I almost have them in place. My search will continue, until I have everybody ready for the shoot. I’m getting there. So if you’re either a runner/3AD or a makeup artist and interested in collaboration with me please email me with link to your work asap at actress@buppha.com

I get the feeling, it will be a good horror short. This will be my first time making a horror film. I can’t wait to get the camera rolling! I will be very busy throughout May, this coming month. I have to prepare the filming of my short horror film “Blood Group O.” Then I also have to start pitching for fund to turn it into feature film, attending several filmmaker events, working on set myself, preparing for the film festivals, writing my screenplay, and many more. May will therefore be an exciting month for me because I like being busy with the things I love doing.

I also enjoy going to filmmaker events, especially for indie filmmakers. I get to meet like-minded people, make connections, network, gain more insight and knowledge in the industry, and many more. I exchanged lots of business cards with the people I met at the events in the past. But I often threw them away because I wasn’t that serious in filmmaking at that time. I only focused on acting. Now I regret it for discarding thoses business cards since now I can really make use of them. You never know you will need them later on at some point in your life. I have learned my lesson now: Never throw any business cards or contacts out. Now I have to start all over again. Oh well, it’s not too late. There are lots of talented people out there I have yet to meet.