New Patio Doors

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Today’s the day that they will come and replace the patio doors/windows in my flat. It will last all day. So I think, I will have to go somewhere. But the weather doesn’t look that good today. It seems, it will rain all day. Why today? Where should I hang around all day anyway in this weather condition? They said that I don’t have to go out, I can stay while they are working. Who wants to stay when they will be making lots of noises all day? No thanks! But if the weather’s going to be that bad I might stay. I’ll see.


This is my little balcony. I removed everything away from it this morning because they will come and do the work here soon. So nothing should get in the way.


These are the doors that can be open. So I can use it as a terrace during summertime.


The top parts are windows. The bottom parts are doors. So when I open all windows and doors I will have a patio.
Nice studios in London

I just open the top parts to view the garden and get some fresh air.

5 Tips For Aspiring Actors

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13 Years ago, I decided to start my acting career. Today, I won’t regret a thing. But when I first started, I wasn’t that serious about it anyway. Acting career can be tough when you don’t know who to turn to, where to begin, how it works, how to get noticed, who you should associate yourself with, and many more. It’s like fumbling in the dark. It felt so overwhelmed for me in my first 4-5 years in the film business. So I didn’t give it 100%. But now since I have been doing it for 13 years I realised, my passion for acting is still strong. It doesn’t fade over time. This is what I really want. I also begin to have interests in screenwriting, directing, and film making. All in all, I will stick to the entertainment industry, no matter what I will be doing. And I feel good about it. Looking back, I did make the right choice 13 years ago.

So what do I do to overcome the obstacles, to stay true to myself and do whatever in my power to make my dreams come true? I have listed 5 things that help keep me on track:

1. I have 2 side jobs. But these jobs are flexible jobs. So I work when I want to. Therefore they will not interfere with my acting job. Acting career is a very difficult profession. Talents alone will not get you there, unless you are very lucky. No one becomes star overnight. It requires hard work, knowing the right people to help you get there, persistence, etc. But most importantly, it requires money. You cannot follow your dreams without it. Especially when you’re just starting out you don’t make that much money from acting career alone. You’d have to work as a supporting artiste to begin with. And it isn’t a good paid job as an extra. And sometimes, you do get jobs and sometimes don’t. So many people are working as supporting artistes nowadays. So again, it’s not that easy even as an extra. And that’s why so many people give up after having tried and tried. Because they need to pay their bills and stuff. And they get lost along the way. So having a stable job beside it to support your income, is a sensible thing to do. Until you start making more and more income from your acting job, then you can quit other jobs. When you’re not worried about how to pay your bills you tend to have more energy and focus to make your dreams come true.

2. Add more skills to my resume. I always try to add more relevant skills to my acting resume, so I can reach my goals faster. For example, I plan to attend acting class, vocal training, film making class, script writing class, dancing,  and more. When you have the right skills to pursue your dreams you feel more confident that you will make it, eventually. You also get to meet like-minded people along the way who share the same dreams, experiences, and who will also help support you, and vice versa.

3. Try to do other things, too, not just acting. Similar things in the same business, such as writing, voice over. Many actors do it, to keep their creativities flowing, and to try new skills and professions within the same industry. And that’s why many actors also become directors, screenwriters, producers, and similar.

4. Read lots of books about the film/entertainment industry, to gain more knowledge and insight. When you equip yourself with the right skills and knowledge in the industry your confidence and self-esteem increase.

5. Doing your own short films on YouTube, for instance. That’s what I am going to do. You don’t have to wait for someone to invite you to the auditions. So they can see how you act. How about starting your own short films to show your talents? 1-2 Minutes on each YouTube video is enough.

I hope, this will be useful for aspiring actors out there.

London actress

My Top 20 Films

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My top 20 Films that I can watch them again and again:

1. King Kong
2. Planet of The Apes (1968)
3. The Fifth Element
4. Star Wars
5. Blade Runner (1982)
6. Basic Instinct
7. Hellraiser
8. The Lord of The Rings
9. Betty Blue
10. The Deer Hunter
11. Wings of Desire
12. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
13. The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover
14. Midnight Express
15. Breaking the Waves
16. Thelma & Louise
17. The Phantom of the Opera (2004)
18. Anastasia (1956)
19. Les Misérables (2012)
20. Pulp Fiction


Jam on Toast

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Good morning! Jam on toast is my breakfast before I embark on my script writing. I like cheese and jam on my warm toasted bread once in a while. When it comes to early meal, I quite like sweet stuff. And that’s why, sometimes, I like having just fruits for breakfast as well. It’s nice eating fruits in the morning. The freshness and naturally sweet really give you the energy and revitalisation to start your day. I stood up quite early today as well. I want to start writing my film script as early as possible since next week, there will be lots of noises during the weekdays because of the houses are undergoing modernisation at present. If I worked constantly on my manuscript I might be lucky to finish it this weekend already! So I shall see if I could manage it. But I also have to do some self tape auditions. So I have to read and memorise the scripts. Well, I’d better start now then.

Jam on toast

London Tour

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I did not want to go out. I planned to finish creating my characters. But they were changing the windows of the flat on top of my flat. They made lots of noises. They started  early morning and finished late afternoon. So I had to go out. I completely forgot that at this moment, they do a renovation for all the houses in the village I live in. It’s about time that these houses need a complete reconstruction. On Monday, it will be my flat that they will come and replace the windows. So, I have to go somewhere again. Both inside and outside the property need some changes. And that means, there will be lots of noises every day until they are done. It will be hard for me now then to concentrate on my film script writing. What a bad timing. Well, I will try my best. I have to.

So today, I went into Central London. Just walking around Oxford Street and windows-shopping. When I got home before I went into the building, I took a look at my neighbour’s windows. And they looked nicer than the old ones. Now, I also look forward to new windows. I had hoped, it would be a sliding door, which will add a more modern touch to the house I live in and more useful.

It’s a village near Wimbledon Village with English country house style. The houses have some flats in each of them. And there’s a terrace attached to each flat. Well, some flats do not have a balcony. But in that house I live in, each flat does have it  So, I would love to have a sliding door that I could easily open to my gallery instead of big doors, which are not quite practical to use the deck. And that’s why I rarely use my sundeck, even during summertime.

The sliding door would be ideal and more constructive. I don’t know why they give people a veranda when they make it so difficult for people to use it. But, I only saw the new windows from a long distance. So, maybe they did replace them with something more helpful  anyway. I must wait and see my new windows on Monday then.

Picadilly Circus

Picadilly Circus

South East Asian actress in London


Silver sandals

Me & my silver sandals.

Beauty & the beast

I love fairy tale! I want to see this film, Beauty And The Beast.

Chinese lanterns


Cool sunglasses on white

Summer sunglasses 

Noodle soup with fish balls

Finally, a noodle soup for dinner at home.

The Characters

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I will try to finish creating characters for my film script today. I have a few more characters to construct. When I am done with it, I think, it will be easier to do the rest. This part is the most difficult part of all, I think. Designing the characters – making them become real and believable, so that people either want to love or hate them – the characters that they won’t forget for the rest of their lives, perhaps – requires patience, lots of researches, and good people skills, I think. And that’s why for me this is the most crucial part, which needs strong  focus. Because I have watched lots of movies which the plots are good & unique enough, but then the characters don’t really live up to expectations. Something is missing. And that makes the films fail to impress the audience. So I must be careful in this area.

I have studied psychology many years ago. So I hope, I can make use of it now. I must concentrate on creating characters that people won’t forget, or at least find interesting, so that they won’t find my film boring.

But it looks sunny outside today. I feel tempted to go out and enjoy the sun – the nice weather. When the sun is out, I also like to be out. I don’t want to miss that. I like walking around and enjoy the nice weather. But I don’t think I can do that today. If I did then I would get so tired when I got home. Then I wouldn’t be able to finish producing the characters. But maybe, I will devote my whole evening for it instead.

Torn jeans

Talk About My Favourite Films

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The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is one of my favourite films as well. I like unique movies. Something that inspires me. Something I have never seen before. And this film was very interesting and eccentric. I have bad experiences with films that made from books. Most of the films do not live to expectations. They fail to transfer everything from the books into movies. But I have read the book and have watched the film, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, and I must say this film did deliver. You won’t get disappointed if you had read the novel and watched the film. They’re both good in their own respective ways. And I liked Daniel Craig in this film than in James Bond. I think his character in this film is more him. He should continue to play this type of character. Well, that’s just my opinion. Anyway, it’s such a fantastic film that I can’t forget. Everybody’s performance was superb. I have read the book. And I must say, the book itself was very captivating. I could not put it down. The plot and characters were very individual. Something I have never read about it before. And the way he wrote was also very entertaining. It kept you excited the whole time. So you have to read it till the end in one go.

I could be tempted to write a story like that. But for now, I just write what feels right at this moment. But I do enjoy books and films that give me a huge inspiration and a new perspective like this one. Enjoy!

Som Tum Thai

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I miss spicy food so much. So today, I went out and did some shopping for my Som Tum Thai (Thai Papaya Salad). I use cucumber instead of papaya, though. Papaya is expensive, after all. I went to a Thai shop near my house. And they sell one papaya for £10 or something which is outrageous! One small papaya for £11? No way! So, I must use cucumber instead. It tastes very refreshing and fresh. I think, I like it more than papaya. And it’s healthy. Sometimes, I also use carrot or cabbage. I prefer either cucumber or cabbage. I don’t like using carrot that much because carrot is kind of sweet, compared to cucumber and cabbage. I don’t like food that tastes too sweet. Food is food. Dessert is dessert. Slightly sweet is ok. But if it’s too sweet, I can’t eat it. I make a big bowl of very spicy green papaya salad which I use cucumber instead. Then I have it with fried chicken, boiled eggs, pork scratchings, and water spinach as a side salad. Oh, I also use my Pad Thai Sauce as papaya salad sauce which makes the salad taste delicately tasty! So my Pad Thai Sauce is not only for Pad Thai. It can be used for the making of papaya salad, too. These two Thai dishes use similar ingredients anyway. My Pad Thai Sauce made of palm sugar, salt, and tamarind. And in authentic Thai Papaya Salad, we do use palm sugar, not normal sugar. And that’s why my papaya salad tastes so good because I use Pad Thai Sauce which also contains palm sugar. And tamarind is like lime which makes me use less lime juice. Then salt is like fish sauce which also makes me use less fish sauce. And the outcome is surprisingly delicious. I didn’t know that Pad Thai Sauce can also use in papaya salad. And that saves me lots of time and ingredients as well. I will have to save some for dinner. It’s too much. I can’t eat all that. I know, you have to eat papaya salad right after you finish making it, as fresh as possible. Otherwise, it will lose its freshness and flavour. But because I make too much of it. So, I will have to save some for later. Now I don’t have to worry about the dinner.

Thai papaya salad

Film Locations

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I am on my way out. I am going to walk around London today – to survey the film locations for my first feature film. I am serious about it. My feature film project will start today! The earliest I start, the better. Then I am going to start looking for actors/actresses, extras, film crew, and so on. I have to finish creating some more characters first. I am already finished with the main characters. I need to build some more. When all my characters and film script have been generated, then I will know who will be suitable for the roles. This could be a very good chance for everybody to get involved since it is a feature film. And aspiring actors & actresses could become stars overnight. This could be their breakthrough performances. I can reveal a little bit that it will be a romantic comedy, or just romance. I have a very good plot that I think will make a good romance. This is a long process and big project since it is a feature film. But it’s not that hard anyway when you know what you are doing. And you have the right team to work with. I am so excited already thinking about making my first feature film. So from now on, I will be busy preparing the movie. Hopefully, I could finish it this year. So it could be in cinema next year. It will be a low budget film. Anyway, it could be an excellent movie. As long as I have a good plot, characters, find suitable actors and film crew to work with, then it should be all that I need. All will get credit and the footage of the film. I really hope it will be a success because it will mean that we all that involve in the film will also have a big breakthrough – a huge reward and recognition for our contribution.


Film Making Course

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I am going to start film making course soon. I did go to college to study film making. But that was many years ago. And I didn’t complete it anyway. So now, since I want to be serious about becoming a filmmaker, scriptwriter, director, etc. I need to gain some more skills in these fields. So I visited some colleges in London today, to find the right course I want to attend. And I have found one. It has got the whole package – everything you need to learn and know about film making, including script writing. It will start next month. I so look forward to beginning the class! Then when I finish the course, I think, I will be ready to make my own feature film this year if I decided to do so. I already have the experience and knowledge which will make it more easy for me to go through the film making course again, I think. I already see myself as a successful film director, filmmaker, screenwriter, and actress. Sometimes, visualisation really does help, to motivate you to do whatever you can to reach your goals faster. When you already visualise your future, how you picture yourself the way you have dreamed of, you tend to be positive about your future & dreams and do whatever it takes to turn them into reality. I feel like, I am coming home! I have found my way back home again. It’s such an incredible feeling, to do what I love, and surround myself with what interests me the most.

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