Fashion Haul Vlog

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I made a fashion haul vlog this morning. But I did not post it right away because I had to edit my youtube channel first, to make it look better and more professional. I’m not completely finish with it, yet. I’m also going to make lots of updates on my own website. It needs a makeover. Well, not quite. It just needs more updates and a little bit of redesign. All that just takes too long time. So I just post my vlog anyway. Otherwise, I will need to post it tomorrow if I had to wait until everything is looking good & beautiful. The technical thing is simple enough for me, as long as it’s not too complicated. But it takes time. I have studied computer at technical college. So it really comes in handy now in my everyday life when technology is something we rely more and more on.

Enough about technology for now. In this video below, I talked about my new outfits that I bought yesterday. I can’t wait to wear them soon! I really love the denim jacket. I have a feeling, I’m going to wear it a lot from now on, until summer is saying goodbye to me this year. I love rock ‘n’ roll or raw look. So I am happy with what I had bought yesterday. It’s exactly my style. I can’t picture myself wearing other styles that I don’t feel it expresses me, my personality, attitude, creativity, interests, and lifestyle. So I think, no matter how old I am, I will keep wearing the same things. Nothing will change much. I’m wearing the style I like to please myself and no one else, after all.

Missed The Dancing Class

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I went shopping some new clothes and forgot to go to dancing school at 6pm sharp. I thought I have enough time to attend the dancing class since Primark, where I went shopping, isn’t far from the dance studio that I wanted to attend. But I was wrong. I shopped and tried this and tried that on, so that I couldn’t make it on time. The dance workshop I wanted to attend shut its door at exactly 6pm! And I went there when it was 18:10. Never mind, there’s always tomorrow. Watch the video below:

dancing schoolPineapple Dance Studio in Covent Garden. I have attended dancing classes here before many years ago.

Start Dancing Again

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I have not been dancing for a long while. So I can’t add that to my résumé as a skill. But today’s the day that I will start dancing again. I have danced all my life. So it seems so right that I start dancing again. When I watch music videos and see people dancing, I miss it so much. I feel like, this is what I should be doing now. I have taken Jazz / Contemporary Dance Class in the past. But I, accidentally, made the wrong move which resulted in my back being injured. I went to a chiropractor for several months to recover from it. Since then, I have not gone back to dancing. But now, I am ready to begin again. When you do what you love, you will always come back to it – no matter what happens. Nothing can stop you from doing what you’re passionate about.

The accidents do not stop there. I have several accidents every time I attend a lesson like that. I had also attended martial arts workshop about a couple of years ago. Then I, again, burned my wrist when I attempted to make candle. The horrific injury was quite bad that the burn scars on my wrist, on my right hand, looked like three big volcanoes many months after. Everywhere I went, people looked at me thinking that I am on drugs or something when they saw my scars on my wrist since I also have a tattoo on my hand. It took me several months again to recover. So because of that, I had to put my martial arts class on hold. Now, I’m ready to go back. The scars are still there on my wrist on my right arm. But they are rather small now and do not look so horrible as they were used to.

That’s for now. I will go out in a minute to buy workout outfits before I go to dancing class. Then next week, I will resume my martial arts seminar. The sun is nowhere to be seen today. Well, it doesn’t matter. I have to go out, then I have to go out. I will also make a vlog today about the dancing class. Stay Tuned!

By the way, I am writing this blog post on my new laptop that I just bought yesterday. I am so happy with it, finally! I think, the laptop will enable me to finish my manuscript faster. So this weekend, I will take the opportunity to work as much as I can on my screenplay on my own. Then next month, I am going to attend a script writing, film making, directing for film, and more class as well. Yes, all that is in one class. It’s a very good deal, indeed. So, I will work with my film script beforehand, so that I can show to my tutor what I have achieved so far. Can’t wait to begin

new laptop

laptop in white

My new laptop.

Working on my Manuscript Day 2

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Today, I start working on my manuscript day 2. I have to take one thing at a time. Otherwise, I will feel so overwhelmed if I tried to achieve so many things at once. I feel more in control when I divine my project into small pieces. Then I can better focus on just each little piece, give it as much attention it needs, take my time to perfect it, do a research on it, and so on. When I am happy with this one then I can move on to the next. By doing this, I don’t put so much burden on myself. I don’t feel so stressed that I have soo many things to do. Everything will feel too much for me. And then I will end up have nothing done at all. So this technique will work best for me, I think. Then when I have completed all the pieces I can put them together like a lego. I know some people are good at writing a short novel in a matter of 2-3 days or 1 week. But I can’t. I did try. But it didn’t work for me. I’m also going to attend script writing class soon. So it will help me even more – to get constructive feedbacks from the tutor and classmates and gain more knowledge in this field. And if I finished my manuscript, finally, I would consider making my own feature film out of it. I feel excited with the project already. I have a feeling that I CAN do it!

On my first day of script writing, I did draft a one paragraph plot. So I know what it’s about and how many characters I will need. Today, I will create a lead actress character. I will take my time. If I didn’t finish it today I would continue until I am done with this task before I move to the next.


Start Working on my Screenplay Day 1

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Today I will start working on my screenplay very seriously since next week, I will be busy with the filming again. Then I don’t know about I could find time to write in between. So I’d better start now. The sooner, the better! Watch my vlog below about my today’s plan:

New Doors

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My today’s vlog is about my new installed doors and my script writing. I have been busy filming lately. So I haven’t got time to do a vlog or blog. Today I’m free. So I take the opportunity to do a vlog, write blog, and continue with my script writing. I will write it on my smartphone since I don’t have a laptop. But why not? Modern-day people begin to write their stories on a mobile phone on the go whenever they can, or whenever the inspiration strikes. So why should I rely on a laptop when so many people have successfully published their books from a mobile? I think, it’s a matter of willpower. If you want it so badly you will be able to pull it off with whatever tool you have at your disposal. Think about beforetime, people wrote books using pen and paper only. So if they could do that why couldn’t I? So this evening, I will devote my time writing as much as I can. Because next week, I will be busy with the filming again. So I have to utilise the free time I have as much as possible. I have to visualise how happy will I be when I have, at long last, finished my first manuscript. I think that will be my best motivation to complete my film script as soon as I can. And because I also want to make a film out of it myself.  So the sooner I finish it, the better. So I can begin to look for actors, actresses, film crew, locations, and so on. But if that would be too much for me I would just sell the screenplay instead. I will see how much I can get it done this evening.


A Day Off

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I have enjoyed my day off so far. I have been busy filming for the past 3 days. And plus, I had to work, too, the days that I was not on set. So, I work about 6 days a week, pretty much. Today is my only day off. Then I have to go to work again tomorrow – all day. Then on Monday, I have to continue with the filming again, all day long as well, from the sun comes up till the sun goes down. Still with the same production. It’s a continuity. I was so busy with work & filming jobs last week, so I got home quite late every day. Then I had to get up very early to repeat the same routine again and again. So I didn’t sleep that much. I didn’t even turn my phone on or watch the television. I got home, I went to bed straight away, so that I could stand up early. Otherwise, I would get too tired to wake up early if I went to bed late. Or worse, if I could not get up early I would get up late and messed up the whole thing. And I didn’t want to do that. I take my jobs seriously. I will do anything to try to be reliable and punctual as much as I can. Even if it means no TV, no mobile phone, no Internet, etc. My works come first. All other things that will slow me down don’t really get my attention.

Even it is my day off today, I went out this morning to buy a selfie stick. Since it is a very practical tool for people who take selfie and record videos a lot, or on a daily basis. And that’s what I do. It only cost £5. But it’s worth it, I think. I can’t wait to take my first selfie or do a vlog with it – soon.

Selfie stick

The guy from the shop where I bought the selfie stick showed me how to use it. He spent almost 10 minutes to demonstrate to me how to use it. It’s very awkward 😴 I’m not good with such thing since I have never used a selfie stick before. I didn’t see a reason to use it. But now, I have to go with the flow.

My First Vlog

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Today, I’m starting on my first vlog. Yeah! I’m so excited how it will go. Anyway, it’s so fun to make a vlog. I will be doing it daily, or as often as possible. I know some of you may think, “oh god, help!” But I have already decided to do so. So you have to live with it 😜 I will talk about my everyday life, job, acting career, fashion, beauty, and my lifestyle in general. And perhaps, also some clips from my auditions if they allowed me to film during my auditions as well. So, it will be an exciting project that I look forward to creating. My vlog channel is, buppha. I was used to using it as my food channel. But since I no longer use it to do food stuff I’ll use it for my main channel instead.

Today vlog is about my new installed doors/windows:

I Am Also A Seamstress

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I am also a seamstress. Many people don’t know that most of the outfits I wear on set, I make them myself. I was used to making and selling clothes at the market. But then I stopped. But maybe I will start again. I enjoy sewing clothes – mostly for my own use – partly because I like wearing something unique that expresses the real me, and partly because fashion clothes are quite expensive. But I understand that since you have to pay for the design and quality. So it’s fair enough. So to save money and wear something I truly like, I just sew them myself. Sometimes, I like going to different fabric shops, to look for nice fabrics for my new outfits. And now, summer is just right around the corner. I will be sewing lots of beautiful summer clothes. I love summer fashion. I don’t know. Maybe it’s because I’m coming from a warm country. But, who doesn’t like beachwear or summer clothes that are full of cheerful colours and prints? They really make you feel, summer will last forever. Boring autumn and winter do not exist. Just summer all year long. So, I will be looking for new, beautiful fabrics to sew my new summer outfits soon. I get crazy when I walk into the fabric shop, like a girl walking into a candy store. I just feel like, I want to buy them all and make fabulous apparels out of them. I enjoy making clothes & jewellery. And I am proud to wear them myself.

Beautiful summer dress

I made this dress myself for a feature film I was in. It will be in cinema this June, I think.

#festivalfashion 🎪🎤🎯👚👢 #gingham #offtheshoulder #top. #bupphaofficial

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My #ginghamcheck #croptop is ready 🎯🎪👚👖👢

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I also made this gingham crop top to wear on another feature film, which funny enough it will also be in cinema this summer as well.

Beach jewelry

I also made this beautiful Rose Choker Necklace.

Script Writing Class

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The script writing class is not going to start within 1-2 months from now. In the meantime, I have to teach myself script writing through the study of other manuscripts. I quite like Basic Instinct by Joe Eszterhas. The film made $400 million worldwide. And the script was written within 13 days only. That’s very interesting. The plot and the characters were outstanding and unique, very intriguing as well. I don’t understand how he could pull it off in just 13 days? It’s a masterpiece, after all. I have read the script which was very entertaining. I don’t even need to see the film. Just the script alone is enough to blow me away. So, I will read through it again tonight and see what I can learn from it. I’m going to write a romantic comedy. So it will be a completely different movie. But I won’t say no to any inspiration. I  read and watch all sorts of books and films, just to get as many inspirations as possible. And I think, I have learned a lot by doing just that.

Basic instinct

Basic Instinct Manuscript 


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