80s Horror Film

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The shooting dates of my horror short BTO are fast approaching. I’m therefore very busy at the moment. Every day I spend my time looking for cast & crew, having meetings, planning the shoot, and many more. This evening, I will make a shot list. Then, this weekend, I might go to flea markets as well, to look for vintage clothes for my 80s inspired horror short. Well, it’s not exactly 80s inspired because the film is inspired by a true event which actually took place in the early 80s. I haven’t been to antique markets for a very long time. Now, I have a very good reason to go to retro markets.

The project begins to materialise. Thanks to all cast & crew that have contributed to the inception so far. I still have lots to do myself on my part since it’s my project, after all. So every day, I multi-task to get this creation going. I have a strong ambition for my filmmaking career. So, I wake up every day excited to continue with my filmmaking concept. I will use my experience in Film & TV I have gained over a decade to full advantage on my horror short “Blood Type O” project. The vision of my second short finally takes shape, which I hope will be more entertaining and better than the previous one, just comes and lingers in my mind. It helps me keep going till I have produced it. You have to have something to look forward to as your motivation.

Image by Franck Barske from Pixabay
Believe it or not, the first comic book I read was Star Wars. I was like, “Wow, there’s also a princess in the space.” It just so impressed a little girl like me so much. Since then I grew up reading comic books.

BTO Project

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My BTO project is in the hopper. The filming dates are approaching. So I have to work against time to gather all cast & crew ready. I’m almost there. I work daily and constantly to have everything in place ready for the shoot. Therefore I don’t blog that often for the time being. I devote all my time to this project. At the moment this filmmaking project is my top priority as well as my drama screenplay, which I plan to finish the revision this month. So, I have two different projects going on that I want to complete by the end of this month.

I finished my drama spec script in short amount of time by virtue of my enthusiasm for the story. It’s such a unique story that needs to be told. Therefore I enjoy writing it. Also because I know the story so well. I aim to finalise the rewrite by the end of this month – no more editing. I really hope, it will be an enthralling screenplay since I write it from my heart – I know the story well – it’s a true story – and so on. It has universal themes that we all can identify ourselves with. I just feel so excited to finally finish it, and that it will be my first feature-length screenplay.

So this month, I have 2 projects to focus on. I feel so happy producing my own artwork. Although, I don’t make any money out of it. But the real joy of creating something of your own is more rewarding than money. My horror shor “Blood Type O” is just a short film to pitch for fund to make a feature film. That’s the actual purpose of making it. The real story took place in Thailand. So, if I did get the fund to turn it into a feature film, I might travel to thailand to make it there. Then, everything will be told as it is – nothing changes. The factual event happened when I was around 10-12 years old in the early 80s. If I did go film in Thailand, I might find a child actor there to play me instead. I think the film would be more powerful when it’s being told from the original setting, culture, and so forth. It could be a chance to show people another side of Thailand people have never seen before by a Thai person rather than a Westerner.


BTO Horror Short Film

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My horror short film BTO will begin its principal photography very soon. Can’t wait! I’m spending my whole week this week looking for cast & crew. I now have only about 3-4 members left to form a team. Next week, I will resume my search for cast & crew, including filming locations. I have rewritten the short script several times. I try not to edit it anymore. You can never finish developing the screenplay. There will always be something that you need to add or take out. That’s quite normal, I think. So I’d better stop now. Otherwise, I can just keep redrafting it for indefinitely. Writing short script helps build my confidence and skills to write a feature-length screenplay. That’s why I see it as a way of training myself to be a better writer ready to produce a longer and more complex manuscript, which is a feature-length screenplay. So I sometimes can’t stop myself from going back and continuing to revise my horror short.

But I have already completed my spec script, which is a drama. I’m just not happy with the revision. When I read it, it doesn’t sound entertaining enough in terms of the language use such as the literary devices, the linguistic devices. The plot or the story is good. But when you read it the writing style isn’t that captivating. I therefore need to refine it, until I find it an enjoyable read. People just can’t put it down. It’s my first feature-length screenplay, after all. So I want it to be as good as it can be. Anyway, I tell myself, this is the last time that I will rescript it. No more.

As I said earlier, you can never stop editing your script. So, I have to try to refrain myself from revising it repeatedly if I want to move on. Just one last rewrite. The screenwriting can be quite tricky. Consequently, it can be a trap to prevent you from moving on. Maybe that’s why so many aspiring writers have yet to finish writing their books or screenplays because they think it’s not good enough, never show to anyone or have shown to some but being put off by negative feedback, shove the drafts under the bed or in a drawer, and those drafts or books will never see the light of day again. So I just need to move on quick. I can’t go on forever.

Just experimenting with the special effects.

Hyde Park Music Festival

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Last weekend music festival in Hyde Park was amazing. But performance that I liked the most was Stevie Wonder. Although, so many people were disappointed that there were sound problems, so much that they left the festival mid show. It’s also raining. But for me, I didn’t mind. Seeing him perform live was what I wanted. So the poor sound didn’t affect me that much. It was worth it, in deed. Once-in-a-lifetime. Why not? The rest was ok. Celine Dion’s performance was also fantastic. But I am not a fan of her music that much, compared to Stevie Wonder. So, it was ok. I love music. So it was great seeing all legends onstage for real. Even though I wasn’t a fan of some of them.

Stevie Wonder
Stevie Wonder live.
By the stage.
The parade.
Celine Dion
Before the festival began.
Food stalls.
Lionel Richie
Ready to enjoy the music.
Music festival atmosphere.
Barbara Streisand

BST Hyde Park

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British Summer Time Hyde Park music festival is here! Celine Dion will open the festival today. Can’t wait to hear her voice for real. I don’t think I can see her clearly since the people coming to festival will be massive. It’s ok just to hear her voice. What a lovely sunny day. I will be going out shortly, heading to Hyde Park for the concert. It will be a long day today. The sun is shining and all that. Perfect for attending the music festival. After this blog post, I will take a shower, get dressed, then I’m all set. I might have some great photos to post later on.

I managed to contact some candidates for my horror short “Blood Type O” before I go out. I spend at least a few hours or so each day to recruit cast & crew for my film. If I didn’t do that I wouldn’t be able to get the people ready for the filming dates. So I have to do whatever I can to assemble all cast & crew as soon as possible. Doing something each day is better than nothing, even just for a couple of hours. I’m also very busy with lots of things. So managing my time wisely is crucial.

What A Very Warm Day

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It’s an incredibly warm day today. I need to open one of the doors on my balcony to let the air in. Although, I’m from a warm country myself. But since I have been living in Europe for so long (I’ve been living in Europe almost my whole life.), I can no longer tolerate the heat. This is not that hot, compared to where I’m from. I stock loads of ice cream and ice in my freezer. But I end up just drink only water constantly, to keep myself hydrated throughout the day. If I eat something sweet, it will just make me drink more water. So water is the best solution on the day like this.

I will make my dinner soon. Then, I will see Stranger Things, one of my favourite shows. Eating and watching movie. Just totally chill. I have been busy all day long today, contacting several cast & crew. I finally decide to relax now. I have a busy day and weekend ahead. So right now, I will just find something to entertain myself and Netflix just releases Stranger Things today. What a good timing. So I have to watch it. I like all things supernatural, horror, thriller, and sci-fi. So this film is just so me. I have already finished watching episode 1 of season 3. Now, I look forward to seeing episode 2. I might watch all 8 chapters tonight 😛

Next week, I also have some meetings with potential cast & crew. So everything is moving fast now. I want the film “BTO” to be made asap. So I am very busy at the moment. I also have to go look for locations next week. Initially, I planned to do it today. But I think, it’s more important that I spend more time to find cast & crew first. The locations can always change, to keep everything to the minimal if I can’t really find the ideal settings. I have emailed various places. But up till now, no responses so far. That’s why it’s better that I pay them a visit myself, to actually talk to them face to face. Sometimes, when you meet up personally they tend to respond right away. That’s what I will do next week.

My terrace.


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Lunchtime! I have just made nachos for my lunch. Mexican food is also one of my favourites. There is a Mexican eatery near my place, actually. But I haven’t been there, yet. I will one day. I just like cooking and creating delicious dishes. It’s fun and I know what’s in it. I can use quality ingredients and fresh produce. So I know the food is of superb quality. Cooking is just my hobby. Well, it’s part of my everyday life, to be precise. It’s part of my well-being and health. So, it’s not just something I do for fun. That’s why I take extra time and care to do my cooking, to achieve the exquisite dish I am after as much as possible. But sometimes, I just want something quick and simple. Therefore, Mexican snacks or food, Chinese food (noodles), burger, pizza, and the like, are the foods that I resort to when I don’t have time to cook. These types of food are yummy when you don’t have it too often. I haven’t had nachos for a very long time. So today’s the day. Next time, I might make tacos.

Tortilla shrouded by cheese and meat. Then my homemade nachos’ ready.

BTO Preparation Process

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I am a visual person. That’s why I want to be a filmmaker in the first place. So I sometimes use visual illustrations to plan my filmmaking project, to really see it before my eyes how things flow. It really helps me visualise the whole process better for each step I take. It clarifies things in a very simple way and makes them more tangible. Each individual has their own way of working. This may work for me. But it may not work for some. For me, I like discovering creative ways of creating arts. That’s why I like art because it gives me room to be as creative as much as I like. Each day, I stand up with enthusiasm how I will go about making my film “BTO.” What else I can come up with to create this piece of art as artistic and as cinematic as possible. The sense of joy I get from my work keeps me excited about this project every day. I can never get tired of it. It’s one of the good things about doing what you love.

A visual timeline for my filmmaking project “BTO.”

Stay Focused

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Right now, I only focus on my horror short “Blood Type O” filmmaking project and my feature-length drama screenplay, and that’s it. I’m also an actor. So I have lots of auditions, selftapes, castings, and so on to do and attend as well. Therefore, I want my horror short film project to finish as soon as possible as well as my drama script. So I can get them out of the way. Then, I can spend my energy to move on to the next steps – both my horror filmmaking project and my drama manuscript, and plus my acting career. I need to stay focused on my main goals and try to achieve them in every possible way I can.

I know I keep a number of balls in the air at once. But, it’s alright. I am nearly there. If I wasn’t passionate enough about what I do, I wouldn’t be able to keep going in pursuit of success. I would have quit a long time ago. I feel considerably fulfilled each time my small tasks towards my main objectives are accomplished. I think, it’s just a matter of how badly you want to make your dreams come true. If it’s frightfully enough, you will do anything to get there. I have read somewhere: If you don’t see what you’re looking for the first time, look again for the second or the third time, and you WILL find it.

Casual outfit

Filming Locations

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Tomorrow or maybe the day after tomorrow, I will start my search for the filming locations. Although I plan to shoot my horror short “Blood Type O” at the end of this month, which seems like far away, but there are lots of things that I need to get done before that. So I am extremely busy every day from now till the film has been shot. After that, it’s still not over, yet. Then, it will go to post-production. Once the film is ready, I have to send it to film festivals, do the marketing and promotion, and so on. If I want to get the most out of this short film, I have to go through lots of hard work. It may seem rather scary to shoulder lots of responsibilities by myself, but I like what I do. So I enjoy doing it.

Therefore, I can’t wait to spend days location-hunting. There are only a few places that I need. Maybe just one single location. It depends on how easy or difficult for me to find the locations that I like. I am prepared to resort to an alternative setting that I can always use if I can’t find the right locations. I just need to exhaust all my options first before I utilise plan B. I like exploring London, anyway. So, this will be something I find it fun to do. I have been all over London due to my work on various film sets myself. So I think I know London pretty ok. So this should be a smooth operation for me. I also love taking photos of weird and wonderful locations around London, as soon as I discover ones. So this task would also be something exciting for me to take on. It’s more like an adventure rather than a duty.

Tomorrow, I might not go anywhere. I might just spend my day looking for the rest of cast & crew, contacting potential candidates, and so on. Then, the day after tomorrow, I will start combing the city for the ideal backdrop.

Dull sky Scary park Spooky