Pizza For Dinner 

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I have no more food to make dinner. So I have to order pizza instead. I have been out and working constantly. So I eat fast food or sandwiches every day. I don’t even remember when was the last time I was in the kitchen, cooking? I know it’s not good. So I will start doing my own healthy cooking soon. I need good, healthy food to get that energy I need to work and exercise, and to keep myself strong and in good form.

I might begin to resume my martial arts class tomorrow as well. Or maybe next week. Tomorrow, I think, I will just take a day off from everything. Have to clean my house, order food to be delivered so I don’t have to carry heavy shopping bags home, do some paperwork, send orders to my customers from my jewellery & cosmetic business, and so on.

So much food! That’s how it is. When you’re hungry you tend to buy more food than you can eat. Well, I can always save it for breakfast and dinner for tomorrow. I might even have some leftover for the day after tomorrow as well.

I will enjoy anything on the telly tonight. I have not watched TV for ages either. I have no idea what’s going on with the world right now (maybe that’s a good thing). But every time I turn on the television, I only see the news about Donald Thumb. So I decided to stop watching TV for a while.

A Cold Filming Day

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I had been out and filming all day long today. And it was soo cold. I felt like, it’s the coldest day of my life! It’s because we were filming outside all day long. We did have a lunch break. But that was it. The rest was just filming and filming continuously.
We got to have a few small breaks in between, though, since they didn’t need everybody to be in every scene. But, even when they didn’t use some of us we still had to wait outside next to the film set. So they could get some of us in the scenes when they needed. So, everyone still had to be outside ready for filming at all time.
Well, we did get to go into our cabin to have a little break and be in the warm room a couple of times. Even it was just for a short while. Anyway, it’s better than nothing.
But, the directors and the film crew did have to continue to do the filming straight, and only had one lunch break. They did not have some small breaks like us, to go sit in a warm room.They had to be out in the cold constantly. And that was tough. So, when I thought about it on my way home, I didn’t feel cold anymore.
Buppha actress

Prepare My Six Pack Abs

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I have been working hard lately to get my six pack abs. I’m almost there. It requires lots of hard work, determination, persistence, and just do it! I can now, finally, get myself together and do try very hard  to achieve my goals. I have lots of dreams. And now I want to chase all of them. A dream is just a dream if you let it remain a dream. And I don’t want that. So I have to do whatever I can to make them come true.

And this year 2017, I won’t back down! I feel, the only way for me is to go up, not down. I have been down for too long. I can’t go down any further. So the only way left for me now is to go up, to move forward – not backward.

Therefore, I’m going to take acting, script writing, martial arts, yoga, and dancing classes soon. It’s a lot, I know. But that’s what I have always wanted to possess these skills. So now, it’s time to acquire them at long last. I feel like, I am on the right track. And it feels incredible. I feel so strong now – physically & emotionally. It’s a feeling of reborn and renewal.

People keep changing after some period of time. So, if you fail in something it doesn’t mean you can’t try again and can’t succeed in it. You CAN and WILL succeed at some point if you wanted to.

Beautiful underwear

At a Coffee Shop

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Having a cup of hot chocolate at a Coffee Shop in Soho. I decided to begin to write blog again. Then I will sell my cosmetics online on another website instead. This domain,, is for my personal blog/acting career that I can use to express myself, write whatever I want to write about. So, I will stick to that from now on. And also, I plan to become a screenwriter, so having to write blog on a daily basis will help improve my writing immensely.
This site is also a place that I will showcase my skills that will be useful for my acting career. So people can see what types of skills I have, and whether or not they can use me in their projects. I will also make lots of YouTube videos to demonstrate my skills and upload to my site regularly from now on. I think it’s an excellent place for potential agents, casting directors, and the like, to learn more about me, my talent & skills, my personality, lifestyle, interests, hobbies, and so on. And a blog is just an incredible medium to do just that.
Hot chocolate

Making Perfumes 

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Making perfumes is fun and rewarding. I get to create the scents that I truly like and have a fun time mixing the ingredients together, to build the fragrances that smell gorgeous. I am very much interested in the use and benefits of flowers, herbs, and plants, especially in beauty and perfume. It’s just so fascinating. I can never get tired of it. Today, I will start creating some scents for myself. I don’t really buy perfumes. When I need a fragrance, I just make it myself. I have stocked lots of essential oils in the cabinet. Now, it’s time to get creative. Making perfumes can take time since the scents need to be built up over time. So I have to be patient. But it also depends on how strong I want it to be. It’s like the making of whisky in which it has to be kept in the barrel for a long period of time – the longer time it has to mature, the better.

I use only essential oils to make my perfumes. So the knowledge of each essential oil’s benefits is vital, in order to really produce the scent that smell divine. That I or anybody would like wearing it. I had invested my money in the past, to take some classes to study essential oils. So I hope that helps ☺

I think my mum had inspired me a lot. She adored flowers, herbs, and plants so much. And that’s why she named me, Buppha, which means flowers in Thai. So she planted them in our garden, to study them and to admire them on a daily basis. She’s so passionate about them that she even bought lots of books about flowers, herbs, and plants, to study their benefits, origins, etc. She always carried books about herbs and flowers with her. At first, I thought she liked reading novels. But when I flipped through her books, I only saw photos of flowers, herbs, plants, bonsai trees, with different species and variations. I got so interested in it myself that I kept reading the book till the end, not just flipping through it. When I finished reading the book my interest in flowers, herbs, and plants was born. And today, I am still very much fascinated with flowers, herbs, and plants. It gets even stronger day by day. Nature is a beautiful thing. How can you not love it?

perfume making

All the essential oils I have stocked. So they are always ready for my experiments. 

thai herbs

Pink lotus

gorgeous roses

Pink blossoms

Beauty Samples Jars

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I have just ordered some 15 ml aluminium jars for my free beauty samples, which I will be giving out once I have everything in place, such as cosmetics certification, labels. So, it takes some time before my skincare products will be ready. But it won’t take that long. Hopefully, about a couple of weeks from now.  Then I will just rent a stall at the market somewhere in London, to give out my beauty samples. I guess, it will be after Christmas since I will have no chance to get a pitch during Christmas – not until it’s over. So it means, I will have to wait until January next year, to be able to get a space at the market. But for now, I will always carry my free samples in my bag, then whenever I meet the people I know I will give it to them. I experienced once that I was talking about my beauty products with someone I know. Then she was very interested and asked me if I have some samples in my bag, so she can see and try it. But I had nothing to show to her. That was an opportunity right there, to introduce my product to someone I know. So now I remember, to always have some free beauty samples with me. I will never know who I will run into. So I have to be prepared at all times.

Besides being beneficial to the skin, my aloe vera gel will also smell great since I will add perfume as well. I will be formulating the perfume myself, using only essential oils. Essential oils help fight skin problems, and at the same time smell wonderful, when the right oils are being combined together. So, it will be an amazing experience every time you open and use my aloe vera gel. I can’t wait to use it myself because I have now used up my aloe vera gel already. I so can’t live without it since it helps improve my skin a lot. I have tried all kinds of skincare products, and nothing has worked for me. So I decided to formulate my own skin care. And my aloe vera gel seems to work fantastically for my skin problems. So I think, it will help you, too. I have finally found the right elixir I have been searching for all my life 🌵🌴🍃🌿🍀

aloe vera gel free skincare samples
These are 15ml aluminium jars that I will use for my beauty samples. And the actual skincare products will be in aluminium jars as well, which will contain 100ml of my aloe vera gel moisturiser.

Making Jewels

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I am very busy at the moment because I do lots of things at once. Today, I started making jewels as soon as I got up, adding them to my online store,, posting them on social media sites, and so on. Then later on today, I will design the stickers & labels for my skin care products. Even I have my hands full, but I love what I do, so. I also plan to make bath bombs for sale as well. I just love beautiful things. Many of the things, I make them for my own use and enjoyment, such as bath bombs & soaps, scented candles. Especially scented candle, I use it every day to turn my home into heaven, with a cosy atmosphere since the whole house smells of wonderful scents and feels so warm. I feel so proud of myself using my own art and craft I have created. I know what’s in it. And I make them just the way I like it, which is unique to me. I can’t buy it anywhere. It’s an amazing feeling and experience when you invent stuff yourself, and you can utilise it to the full. For example, every time I need new jewellery when I have to go out, I just make some new chokers or necklaces. Or, if I want to try new moisturiser, I just formulate a new formula that suits my skin and skin problems. So I totally adore what I do. It’s a small happiness that I emphasise.

I’m wearing Multi-Row Choker Necklace in Gold
Multi-Row Choker Necklace I’m wearing Multi-Row Choker Necklace in Silver20161203_131748I’m wearing Multi-Row Choker Necklace in Gold20161203_124202My working space.
20161203_150032Scented Candles I made.
scented candles

Why I Want to Make Natural Skin Care

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I love nature and value natural beauty. Therefore, I want to make natural skin care, to utilise nature in every way possible. And natural skin care is more safe and more effective than skin care products that are full of chemicals. So the secret of eternal youth is in nature. Pure & simple! I enjoy making and using my own natural skin care products. And the results have been amazing for me. I never buy skin care or beauty products on the market anymore since I began to make and use them myself.

I feel so privileged working with nature and being close to it. I, for example, stock lots of different essential oils in my home, in a safe and clean place, to use in my beauty product experiment. I also use those essential oils to make my own perfumes. So, I might begin to sell my own perfumes in the very near future 🌹🌹🌹

Nature has been a big part of my life since ny childhood. My parents loved nature so much that they preferred to live in a small village than in a big city, so that we would learn to love and appreciate nature as well, which I think my parents had done a good job and made the right decision. I can’t thank them enough today for cultivating me to love nature like they did. I remember when I was young, I loved waking up to the sound of dawn chorus, roosters crowed at dawn. Then I liked to walk around in our garden, to admire all the flowers, herbs, and the like, my mum had planted. She loved herbs. So she planted them, to study them, and to use them in her cooking. And I got so carried away by those lovely herbs, plants, and flowers that I started falling in love with them myself. I began to be curious about their health and beauty benefits. It’s a lasting study and passion that gives me lots of joy and knowledge.

And that’s why, I am so excited to introduce you to my new aloe vera moisturiser soon! A natural skin care that helps cure most of skin problems. It might take about a couple of weeks from now, before it will be available on my website for you to purchase. It’s a really effective, natural skin care product that I am proud of. And I would, therefore, like to recommend you to try it. I use it myself every single day. And it purely erases acne, wrinkles, scars, blemishes, freckles, dark spots, and all kinds of skin problems, like a rubber. You have to try it, to see it for yourself that it really works. So if you have tried everything and nothing has worked for you, then why not give my aloe vera gel a try. It can be used both women and men.

It does not only contain aloe vera gel. It also has coconut oil, frankincense essential oil, lavender essential oil, and more in it. And they are all natural ingredients. So my aloe vera gel is packed with other vital, natural ingredients as well – not just aloe vera gel – which helps maximise its performance to a great extent.

aloe vera gel moisturiser n

5 Dynamic Tips You Can Do Right Now to Get Younger Looking Skin 

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Everyone wants to have younger looking skin. So today, I have 5 vital tips to share with you how to get youthful skin easily. And that you can do right now and every day.

1. Drink water instead of soft drinks, coffee, and the like. You don’t have to drink 2 liters of water every day to get younger looking skin. But enough water during the day, and not so much of the sweet drinks and coffee. Water gives more elasticity to the skin, clean your body of residual toxins, and so many more. I don’t drink that many glasses of water during the day either. But I just drink nothing but water. And my skin looks fantastic for my age.

2. Get enough sleep. Try to go to bed around 10pm every day the latest, and get up early. Enough sleep means, your skin has plenty of time to repair itself while you are asleep. And when you stand up in the morning, you will see your skin becomes firmer and healthier.

3. Eat lots of various vegetables and fruits every day. It’s obvious that fruits and vegetables are vital for our health and skin since they are packed with all kinds of vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidant properties, and a whole lot more, which really benefit your body and skin.

4. Walk at least 30 minutes a day and every day. Walking is one exercise that covers all. It makes you lose weight, you get to exercise all areas of your body just by walking, improves your blood circulation, makes you feel happy & creative, etc. And you will think more positively when you are happy. And when you are positive, you will smile more often which makes you look younger.

5. Use moisturiser day & night and daily,  to heal, improve, and protect your skin.

If you follow these simple 5 steps for youthful skin, you will soon see the fantastic results on your skin. Your skin will gradually inprove. And when you look at yourself in the mirror, you will think you have become a totally new person because your skin is now more clear, healthy, firm, smooth, and radiant.

I’m Singing “Stay” by Rihanna 

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I want to become a singer one day. I try to practise whenever I feel like to or can. After watching the x-factor week after week this year, I think, I can sing, too. It makes you think, to become a singer is so easy (if you watched the show this year you’d know what I meant). I have tried to sing so many times. But I think, I have terrible voice, so I never really try to make my dream come true, as a singer/musician. I do practise my singing once in a while, but nothing serious. But this show, the x-factor this year, gives me the courage to begin to pursue my dream as a singer for real. Who knows? So I begin to exercise my breathing, my voice, my singing, and so on. I also plan to attend a dancing class as well. I was used to going to dancing lessons in the past because I love dancing. Now it’s time to resume it. Dancing to the music, is one of the most enjoyable things I love doing. It makes me feel like, there is only happiness in this world. No worries, no sorrows, no problems – and everybody was born to be happy. It’s as simple as that. So since I love dancing, I automatically love music. Music is my friend. Whenever I feel sad or happy, I listen to music. It’s one of the best therapies in the world, or just the best. People should listen to music more often, to calm down and be positive about life and everything. It can really improve your mood. Listen to me singing below and feel free to leave a comment and tell me what do you think? ☺ 

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