The Big Sick a Movie Worth Watching

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I would recommend everyone to watch this movie, The Big Sick. Finally, a film that is so meaningful without spending a lot of money to make, no expensive special effects, without lots of unreal action scenes like many American movies, and it’s written by non-American writer, Kumail Nanjiani, with the help of his wife, Emily V. Gordon, of course. The story is so fresh, engaging, and honest. Not so many filmmakers make a movie like this. This is a sign of good beginning of quality films to be made in the future. It’s truly an inspiring, unforgettable, and moving film that needs to be seen! It’s a very bold move to make movie like this. Many people are afraid of making movies that touch the subjects of racism and discrimination because it can be very sensitive. Since “The Color Purple” and “12 Years a Slave” I have not seen a film similar to them, but they’re quite emotional and very tough to watch. The Big Sick makes it fun and hilarious to watch, but still touching and makes us open our eyes to face social issues/culture clash that many pretend they’re not there. And how many foreigners are being made victims by being generalized and treated unfairly just because of their looks, especially people from Asia. The Big Sick addresses this problem in a good, fun way. No wonder, it won many awards. It’s definitely a film worth watching for everyone.

It Feels Like Summer

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It’s so sunny today. It feels like summer, actually. It really lifts up my mood. And my creativity is at the top. I always look forward to summertime. It’s the time that the sun brings people joy. You can go to the beach, park, road trips, hold a grill party in your backyard, sit outside a cafe and see the whole world go by, and many more. That’s why I love summer. Sadly, summertime in Europe is quite short. So, when it actually arrives people enjoy every single moment of it before it’s gone again quickly. I’m having my breakfast now before I continue to work on my screenplay. I would love to sit on my balcony and enjoy the breakfast in the sun. But, it’s still cold outside. It’s not summer, yet. It’s just the sun that tricks me into thinking it’s summer.

I think, breakfast should be enjoyed on a terrace like in France. A balcony was made for croissants! I don’t know what I’m talking about here. France, Paris, balcony, croissant, etc. Maybe because Valentine’s Day is just right around the corner. So, I just get a bit carried away when talking about breakfast, summer, and France.

My quick, yummy early meal.

My small backyard.

Buppha actress

Actress With Limited Lines

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When I made my short, Instant Risk, I didn’t think of myself as an actress that much, or I just completely forgot that I was playing a lead actress in it as well, so I didn’t give myself that many lines. I gave other actors in my film more lines than myself. I focused more on the technical aspect of it, than as an actress. I did make the film with no crew. So, I took care of everything behind the scenes. It was a good experience, indeed. Anyway, no lines for the lead actress no problem because that’s her character, Birgit (the lead actress playing by me) is a reticent woman, living a quiet life with a loser, Tolbert, to hide her true identity. So, even though I didn’t have that many lines, but the character stayed true to the story. I wouldn’t have changed it anyway. It’s a short film, after all. Birgit will have more lines in the feature film, so. I’m working on the screenplay now. I think, it’s an exciting, good story that needs to be told and made. I even plan to make the feature film myself. It doesn’t need to be expensive to make. There are many low-budget feature films out there that became sensational, think Halloween, The Blair Witch Project, for instance. But, I could even get away with it with much lesser budget. I don’t need that much money to make film to begin with. It’s just for fun, experiment, and to gain some experiences as a first time filmmaker. I look forward to shooting my first feature film in a not too distant future!

Cleaning Day

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I have been busy filming almost constantly. So, I have not cleaned my flat for a while, which is so embarrassing. So today, I have spent the whole day cleaning my place. I’m just finished it now or not long ago. What a relief! I need to clean my home once a week from now on. If my place is dirty I can’t be creative writing my screenplay. I feel like it blocks my productivity. When everything looks clean & clear my productivity and creativity maximize. I don’t know. Maybe it’s just me. And also, I have just finished filming a TV series about cleaning in which I played a cleaner. So, when they finished filming the series I still carry on to be a cleaner. I really get  into character….hehe

But, it’s a good thing. I finally got myself together to clean my place thoroughly. Now, I can write the film script without something’s blocking my productivity. I don’t think I can complete my screenplay this weekend, which is fine. I have at least tried. Hopefully, I will be able to finalize it next week. I must stick to my plan and finish my screenplay as soon as possible. Anyway, I have a feeling, I will be able to finish it next week.

Now my bathroom’s walls are so shiny like mirrors 🙂

Why I Blog

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I don’t blog that often as I was used to. Because, when I’m out and filming they don’t really allow me to use my phone on set which is very understandable. Also, if they saw me pull out my phone during the shoot they would think I try to take photos of the film set, actors, and even the film crew…..haha….And most of the time, my call time is quite early, and then there will be a long day filming. The time that I have a chance to use my phone again is when I have lunch break. But then, I have to eat quickly before we start filming again. There’s no time to waste on the film set. So, I can’t really blog. Then, I just blog when I’m home again. But, I love blogging. I try to blog more often. It’s my diary. I like to keep a journal of my life, what I’m doing at this moment in time, how I change or improve, what happens in my life today, tomorrow, this month, year, decade, etc. It’s just a reminder of mistakes I’ve made, accomplishments I’m proud of, wonderful moments I want to remember, and so on. It’s also a great way to better my writing skill and increase my creativity. And by blogging regularly, I become aware of my own mistakes and successes. All in all, I just love writing and expressing myself through words.

Pizza For Lunch

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I’m gonna take a break now and have some pizza for lunch. Pizza is always handy. It’s a quick meal when you don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen just to prepare your lunch. I always store boxes of pizza in my freezer, so I always have a quick, yummy meal to eat without all the hassles. I will not go anywhere this weekend, until my script is done. I really hope, I can finish it this weekend. Maybe, I will have to drink lots of coffee tonight to keep myself awake. One of the good things is that I don’t watch TV no more, I got rid of my telly already, so I have lots of extra time to do my work. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made to be free from television once and for all. It feels so good & free. Now after the pizza, I’ll continue to work on my screenplay right away. Nothing happens much in my life at the moment. If I’m not on set filming, then I’m home and working on my film script constantly. But, once I finish the script I will have more freedom to do what I want. But my job has to come first. It’s where I make my income. And writing screenplays is my job as well. I really want to be a screenwriter, so I have to regard it as a job that needs to be fulfilled.

Writing Feature-length Screenplay

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I will attempt to finish a feature-length screenplay of my short film, Instant Risk, this weekend. It sounds like an impossible mission. But, I will just give it a go anyway. It’s just an extension of the script of the short film that I have already written. So, I may not have to spend that much time to complete it. I really want to finish it this weekend. But if not, then it’s fine. Writing a script is not easy. There’s a lot of researches, planning, re-writing, re-reading, and so on. But, it’s fun for people who love writing like me. Every page of the script I write I try to make it as entertaining to read as possible. If I find it boring to read it myself, then I will re-write it again and again. And I have about 120 pages to execute this weekend. Each page of the screenplay equals one minute of screen time. I didn’t think about this rule that much when I wrote my short film screenplay, Instant Risk. But when I finished the script it turned out, I wrote about 6-7 pages. And my short film is actually also 6-7 minutes long. The rest is just a rolling credit and music, and that’s why it’s about 10 minutes long all together. So now, it’s a feature film I want to write my screenplay for, then it must be about 110-120 pages. But, it could be 90 pages. It depends on the genre, really.

Now, I will continue to write my script. I feel more creative at night now to write. I will spend most of my evening writing and see how many pages I have accomplished. And I have enough food in my fridge since I will go nowhere this weekend. I will just write and write, until my script is done.

Enjoy the music from Medina – You and I (deadmau5 Remix):

Buppha acress in London

What is Instant Risk Really About?

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Today, I will explain what my film, Instant Risk, really is about. On the surface, it may seem like a normal action/drama/romance film, but it has a good message. I don’t just make film. I want to create something that is meaningful. My film, Instant Risk, has a theme that is very current. Therefore, I think, this is the perfect time to get this idea across. I am passionate about my art/work. I conceived and developed Instant Risk by a very careful thought. I try to add meaning in everything I do. So this film, even though it’s a short film only about 10 minutes and it’s my first short, but I have spent time thinking about how I will make it, how I will send the message across, how I will put everything together so it makes sense, and so on.

So Instant Risk is a remarkable, suspenseful story about “Taking Control” and “Women vs. Men.” It’s set in London at present time. The film’s shot on location in Wimbledon. The main characters are Birgit Reenberg, Gerwyn Belcher, and Tolberg Clay. It’s an action / mystery / thriller / drama / love-story. The story illustrates a modern society in which women begin to take control and to speak up for themselves. It shows, the world has come to a change for the better. Women start fighting against sexual harassment, abuse, inequality, unfair treatment, etc. Thus, there’s no better time to make this film than now, to celebrate and support the ongoing change women are working on. And as a woman, and especially I’m originally from Thailand I do have to face discrimination and racism on top of that as well, therefore I feel the need to tell a story about it, and what women have to experience on a daily basis at work, at home, and in public, to make people aware of the issues and that this has to change.

As an example, one interesting subtext of this film is male chauvinism. The protagonist’s boyfriend verbally and physically abuses her. Then her love interest who seems nice and kind to her is also a male chauvinist by patronizing her, as we see toward the end of the film he tells her that he wants to protect and give her the life that she deserves. If you have or have not watched the film yet please do watch the film below again, to see for yourself what I mean:

Instant Risk (2018) | Action/Romance Short from Buppha Wittaya-Amponpunt on Vimeo.

The ending is different than the one that I already have uploaded. I just wanted to upload a new version of the ending to see which one is better. What do you think? If you have not watched the previous video yet please watch it here to see the difference.

Instant Risk Feature Film Screenplay

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At the moment, I’m also working on a feature film screenplay of my short film, Instant Risk. I have to have a script for a feature film version ready as well, just in case. The story looks exciting. So I thought, this could turn into a feature film as well. And why not? When I wrote the script for the short I could see its potential to be made into a feature film. It doesn’t hurt anyway, to try to write a whole feature film out of it. And today while I’m working on the screenplay I enjoy every moment of it. I think the story is good. I write for myself. I have to fall in love with the story first, otherwise I can’t continue to write 120 pages or something. It’s not easy. If I’m not so thrilled enough, to wake up every morning to work on something then the story is not good enough for me. I will know it right away. Then I will stop and find other stories to tell. But I stick to this one day after day because I love it. And I enjoy every word I write down. I have been working on the screenplay the whole day. I will take a break now. I will resume the writing shortly.

It’s been a total joy working on my own project, finally. I have made student films before when I went to film school in Denmark. But that was many, many years ago. And I didn’t work alone that time. I worked as a team in a group of 4-5 students. Each group competed against other groups to make good movies. Today, I work on my own: A film with no crew. To be precise. Just to save money and time. To begin to work with less crew as much as possible, even alone which is what I do now, is an easy start – just to get going right away. The more I wait for others to join me in my film making project the longer time it will take me to, actually, get started. And I might never get it made at all if I continued to wait. So I just jumped right in, making the film by myself. I didn’t care how challenging it could be. The result is, the film was, finally, made within a short period of time. No more waiting, just do it. And when I look back I know, I have made the right decision. My dream will remain a dream if I only dream of it. But if I try to make it come true with all the resources, ability, and skills I already possess then a dream is no longer a dream. It’s something realistic and achievable. 

A Film With No Crew

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I have finally finished shooting my short film, Instant Risk. A film with no crew since I’m the only film crew behind the scenes. And then the actors. But they have nothing to do with the technical side of it but me. It has been such a great experience. I play the lead role, direct, shoot, edit the film, and many more. I have therefore learned a lot in filmmaking. It’s very challenging at first when I think about I have to do all that by myself. How am I going to direct the actors, play the lead actress, and be behind the camera all at once? But, after I have gone through all that, it wasn’t that difficult at all. Everything went the way I wanted it to be. It’s my first attempt in filmmaking, after all. So, I don’t worry that much how it will turn out. It was fun directing the actors. I like it. Now I understand why many film directors are so passionate about their jobs. It’s very rewarding, but very tough as well. And I like the fact that I wrote the screenplay myself, so I just direct, shoot, and edit it the way I have visualized it in my script. 

Now the next process is to put everything together, to create a finished movie. And that’s an another long, creative procedure again. It takes time if I want the result to be as cinematic as possible. This can be a very crucial part in filmmaking, too. Film is a visual media. So, I have to keep that in mind when I edit it. This can be exciting!

Well, that’s it for now. I will get up early tomorrow to start editing it.