Coffee And Cake

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Just got home not long ago. I was a little hungry. But I didn’t want to cook a proper meal since it was quite late in the afternoon already. So if I ate something now I might get hungry just before bedtime. So I decided to have a cheesecake and a cup of coffee instead. Then I can have dinner later. Cheesecake is my favourite of all cakes because it is not too sweet. That’s why I rarely eat dessert since all desserts tend to be rather sweet. But I find cheesecake quite ok. Now, I can wait to make dinner around 8pm or something.

I really have to try to complete my drama screenplay this week. I will continue to work on it today and see how much I can get it done. If I could finish it today, then it’s good. If not, I have to carry on with it this weekend. I might even turn off my mobile phone and internet this weekend if I could not finish my drama script today. I must do whatever I can to bring my screenplay to an end quick. Because, every day, I spend most of my time answering emails, phone calls, and the like, without having created anything of important. So if I’m still not done with the screenplay yet, then this weekend I ought to find a way to finish the revision of my manuscript FAST. I can’t go on and edit it forever. And it’s just in the way – something unfinished which annoys me. Because, I really like the story. So therefore, I want to finish it. I don’t want to put it on hold. This script must materialise. That’s it.

Enjoyed the afternoon with cheesecake and a cup of coffee.

Steak And wine

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Today, I felt like having a steak for dinner with a glass of red wine. So I did. I don’t eat steak that often. Just once in a while, to give myself a reward for the hard work I have done. The same with wine. I don’t even remember when was the last time I drank wine? So today, it’s a special day that I decided to have a steak for dinner and a glass of red wine. But even though it’s not a significant day, I just felt like it anyway. It just came to my mind all of the sudden on my way back home that I needed to give myself a gift today, which could be a good food, a new item of clothes, or anything that I could give myself as a small present – some form of renewal. It could even be a box of chocolate. Just anything that brings me joy – big or small.

The steak was good, so the wine. Of course, since I don’t have it every day it tastes extra delicious. Now, I may watch a good film or just go to bed early. I have lots to do tomorrow. Two things for certain are that 1) I have to plan for the making of my horror short “Blood Group O” 2) I have to finish my drama screenplay. And then, there are lots of many other tasks and projects that need to be done as well. I can’t thank myself enough for getting rid of television. If I still have it today, then I think it would take me even longer time to reach my goals. I don’t even miss it a day. I get used to a home without a TV already. Even though if I do have a telly now, but I still think I won’t be able to relax and enjoy the entertainment on it anyway when I have a lot on my mind. When I have made my dreams come true I can stay in a nice, bigger place, have a TV, and all the things that I don’t really need. But because I have money to buy them. That’s all.

A steak dish and red wine for dinner.

Film Editor

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I created this this intro text with Adobe premiere pro & after effects together, to see how it looks. It’s ok. But because, it doesn’t illustrate the 80s that much since my film is set in the 80s (or, maybe it does anyway?). And that’s why I didn’t really use it. It looks quite bloody and scary, though. And it seems to suit my horror short title “Blood Group O” better, I think. I could edit my own short film instead of searching for a new editor. But then, I will be busy with lots of things. I therefore don’t really want to edit the film, too, which may be too much. But I might anyway. It’s only 5 minutes short film. So, I may be able to spend some time to edit the film as well because I know exactly how I want it to look. But sometimes, it’s better to delegate the job to someone else. You just can’t do everything yourself, even though you could. And that’s why, although I could edit the film myself, but maybe I wouldn’t anyway. I made this intro text just to see, this is how I want the tone and style of the film to be.

Snack Time

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I don’t know what to eat for snack. So I just have onion rings and ice cream. I always have them in my freezer, just in case. They can come in handy in situation like this, when I work all day on my script and don’t feel like cooking. My freezer is not that big. So I can’t stock a lot of fast food. When you write constantly, you don’t want to spend too much time cooking. It can be time consuming. You will want to spend every minute of your precious time writing, and to complete your project as soon as possible. So, standing and preparing food in the kitchen for hours is not something I feel like doing for now. If I could save lots of time to work on my screenplay I would. Therefore, even though I love cooking, I don’t make food that often anymore, I buy takeaway, eat out, or eat fast food like this instead. I know it’s not healthy. But just for the time being. When my work is over (finishing the screenplay), I can start spending quality time cooking good food for myself again. Now I will continue to work on my drama screenplay. I really hope I can finish it today.

I love writing. As soon as I start writing again, I feel good. As I write, I imagine that the story comes to life, as if I watch the actual film before my eyes. If it feels real to me, then I can better write it entertainingly. I have a good feeling about this drama screenplay since every word, every scene, every character, and so on, are authentic or 90% of it because it is based on a true story. And I am so emotional when I write it because I know what happened. And that’s why I know it’s a good, unique, and original story that needs to be told. I therefore HAVE to finish it. I will do whatever I can to complete it. I can visualise it already as a movie. I think, it will be a good film to watch.

Vanilla ice cream with jam on top.
Onion Rings. My snack and dessert between writing.

5 Best Short Horror Films

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I have been searching for film crew all day long for my upcoming short horror film “Blood Group O.” I have made some progress. I think. All the hard work begins to pay off. You can only succeed if you are persistent and believe in what you do. Now most of the job is done, looking for film crew. I will continue to work on my drama screenplay tonight. I have also a drama script that needs to finish as well. I will try to work on it as much as I can tonight. Then, it’s out of the way. Then I can concentrate on making my short horror film once I have all cast & crew ready. Then, noting is in the way. So, it’s important that I complete my drama screenplay as soon as I can. I will see how much I can get it done tonight and tomorrow. I’m still in the process of getting all cast & crew together. So, I can’t start shooting the film yet anyway. I have therefore time to work on my drama screenplay in the meantime. I must then utilise the gap in between to a full extent by completing my drama screenplay. I do have lots of coffee to keep me awake at night, to work on my drama screenplay as much as I possibly can tonight. I wish, I had insomnia. Then, maybe I could finish my screenplay faster when I can’t sleep….hehe.

Below are 5 short horror films that I love and find them very inspiring:

  1. Saw
  2. Lights Out
  3. Mama
  4. Within The Woods
  5. Frankenstein

Filmmaking Project

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I have been searching for cast & crew all day long. It’s a long process, indeed. Looking for actors is simple since there are only 2 actors I need. But looking for film crew is more hard because I need about almost 10 crew members. So I have spent most of my day today doing just that. It’s something you have to do if you want to be an indie filmmaker. You have to do all that yourself since it’s a no-budget or low-budget film. So only the people who are passionate enough to be able to go through this. It’s not easy, looking for the right people to work with. You have to devote all your time to make it happen. And I love what I do. So I don’t mind all the hard work I have to undertake.

Tomorrow, I will go through the same process again. I am only halfway through. I have been sending and replying to messages all day long today. The same tomorrow. I will make this happen. It’s only a hard work for now. Once the film has been made, I can relax. And getting the film made is my reward. And that is what I look forward to. It’s a way of training myself in filmmaking. I find it fun making films and writing screenplays. So although it seems like a whole lot of work starting a film project from the ground. But I enjoy it. I can’t imagine myself doing something else.

I plan to start filming next week or early next month. It depends on when I get all cast & crew ready for my upcoming short horror film “Blood Group O.” That’s why I work hard every day, to get all cast & crew ready for the making of the film as soon as I can. Now it’s time to watch a good film.

Blood Group O Horror Short Film

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Just finished revising my short horror film script “Blood Group O.” Tomorrow, I will continue my search for film crew again. Now that my screenplay is ready and I have the cast ready as well. I will get quite busy now because it’s possible that I may end up having to shoot 2 scenes – instead of one. I will see how it goes. If it’s too much and difficult in terms of location, equipment, and the like, I will just film only one scene and end there. I will work with the planning of my short film project constantly from now on. I want to get this short film made asap. And I want to get it right this time around. It will be of good quality this time. I have learned my lesson from my first short. My second short, I will organise everything and every detail with care. I feel great now since I have got the script out of the way. For me, the manuscript is the most crucial part of the filmmaking. I think. Because, it’s the bedrock of a film. Therefore, I focus on writing a good script first. Then, once I have completed it, I can move on to the next steps: Looking for cast & crew, and the actual filming can then begin.

And now, I am happy with the script, I can then move on. It’s such a relief. Finishing a screenplay is not easy. And that’s why for me, it’s the most tricky part of the filmmaking.

Image by Kevin Dashim from Pixabay

I Love The Beach

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I love the beach, sand, sun, sea, blue sky, etc. I just love nature and travel. Now summer is here. When I have time I may hop on a train and go somewhere new. I love water and beach. So I may end up somewhere that has something to do with the beach and ocean again. Like last year, I spontaneously went to Brighton beach last spring. It’s still quite chill, though. So I didn’t walk around that much. I also wore summer clothes. I didn’t realise the weather out there close to the water would be more cold than in the city in London. This year, I will be more prepared. Maybe I will go to Kent beach or somewhere different, now that I have been to Brighton beach. There are many other beaches waiting to be explored.

Brighton beach last spring.

Horror Film Manuscript

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I am making some changes to my short horror film manuscript. Because, I finished writing it last year and forgot all about it since I decided to work on a feature-length drama screenplay – and not to film the short horror film anyway at that time. Now I want to start shooting the horror short film, finally. I then have to go through it again, in case something needs to be modified. I can see, it does require some moderation. Because, I want to take two actors out: The lead actor who plays the protagonist’s boyfriend and the supporting artiste who plays the protagonist’s sister. It’s very difficult to find the right actors in such a short amount of time since I plan to shoot the film this weekend or next week already. I must therefore eliminate those two characters. So only the protagonist, which I will be playing this character, and the doctor roles left. And that can only be good. Then I use less actors. It’s a low-budget short film, after all. I do not need too many characters/actors anyway. I must revise the script tonight, to take some scenes out and see if it still makes sense. Then, when I am happy with it I will send it to the actor to prepare for the filming. After that, I will continue my search for the film crew. I have now my cast ready. What left is the film crew. Then I will arrange the filming date, afterwards. Then, the moment of truth: The actual filming that takes place. I can’t wait! But it’s just for one day. And then the post-production. Then my film is ready to be submitted to film festivals!

On my way home today, I was about to buy beer or wine. But then I remembered that I told myself to revise the short horror film script “Blood Group O” tonight when I got home. So I didn’t buy the liquor. I have to refrain myself from alcohol while I’m working on my screenplay. Even just a glass of wine. I just can’t concentrate when I drink. And when I get up I have headache and feel weird. So no alcohol. Thank you! Only when I go out and have to socialise, then I will drink a glass or two of wine or beer. But not when I’m working. Although I’m a writer working from home, I still treat it as a normal job like working in an actual office or workplace. And when you are at work you don’t drink alcohol, right? After this blog post, I will begin to edit my horror film screenplay straight away.

blood group O
Image by 200 Degrees from Pixabay

My Self Tape Presentation

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I have just re-edited my self tape presentation. I think, it’s good to have one in which I introduce myself by saying my name, height, and age, and plus doing a monologue and a full body shot: Front, sides, and back. I don’t really use monologues from others. If I want to do a self tape, I often use my own monologue or dialogue from my own screenplay. It’s also a way of testing out my own writing skill, how it would sound if I did say the dialogue or monologue out loud. Speaking of writing, I feel like continuing to work on my drama script tonight. I might.