A Short Video Introduction

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I have just made a video introducing myself. Sometimes, it’s better to make a short video introduction about me. So people can see how I look now, how I look on camera, and hear how I talk. The clip is a little bit dark because the light where I stand went off a while ago. I forgot to replace it. I don’t need too much light in my flat anyway. I have lots of lights in my studio. So if I put one more light it would be too much. So, I just ignored it. But now, I can see that I need more lights in my flat when I film it at night.

Photo Gallery

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I have created a photo gallery that contains my recent images. So, my potential acting agents, casting directors, and the like, can view my latest photos and download & share them at anytime on my website. I will update my photos every 3-6 months. So new photos will be taken and replaced every 3-6 months. This will make it easier for everyone since some websites won’t let you upload more then a certain amount of images. So, on my own website, I can upload as many pictures as I want. These photos I have now are from last year. I plan to visit my photographer again soon this year, to have my new pictures taken.

There are 4 different looks of my photos from last year. I will add more types to my portfolio this year – to demonstrate the characters that I could or would like to play. So people can see what types of characters I will be suitable for. I think, it’s a good idea. So it’s easier for them to make a decision.

Video section that showcases my skills and performance will be created soon! As soon as I have new clips to add. So a video collection will be set up on my website as well.

So my own website will be an ideal place that my potential acting agents, casting directors, and others who are looking to collaborate with me can visit and get my latest news, info, view & get my recent photos and CV. By the way, I will assign a section for my resume as well. So they can see my previous works in film, TV, commercials, and so on.

Click on the images below to view my photos in each category:





Business Attire 

Business Attire


Summer Dress


Boho Jewellery

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I also make and sell boho jewellery. I just love all things bohemian, such as bohemian fashion, boho jewelry. I like things that connect me to nature, bring me back in time. Something that has a vintage, mysterious undertone. I just think it’s so charming and cool!

Flower necklace

I really love this new vintage look rose necklace that I have just made. It’s so cute and romantic at the same time. Now Spring & Summer times are just right around the corner. So this lovely, delicate rose silver necklace would be a perfect accessory that you would just have to have it – to wear it with all your spring and summer clothes. It really adds something special to the outfits. It’s a must-have accessory this spring & summer, indeed.

Rose charms

This is a handmade piece of jewellery. I carefully make it with love. And the roses are so delicate and detailed. They are of good quality with silver tone. I just love it. I also make one for myself. I just have to wear it as well. I can’t help it. It’s so lovely! I can’t resist that. This is my number one favourite jewellery so far. I will wear it almost every day. The weather is getting warmer and warmer. So I don’t have to wear scarf. Then I can show off my new flower necklace.

Summer jewellery

Boho Jewellery

Beach jewelry

Delicate rose silver necklace

You can buy this lovely rose necklace here http://bohoforest.com/product/vintage-look-rose-necklace/

I Am An Early Bird

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Good morning! Today, I got up quite early, have lots of things to do. I am an early bird anyway. I stand up early every day. So it’s not that I’m busy, so I have to get up early. I feel, I have the whole day and life in front of me when I get up before anybody else. I feel, I can achieve anything by standing up early. And my productivity is at the top. I also feel more positive about life that everything is possible. More time to plan and get things done as many as possible. My mind is also crystal clear in the early morning. Many good ideas and opportunities strom into my brain at this time of day. And I can process them straight away. Thereby, it makes my goals closer and closer when I grab the opportunity as soon as it arrives.

So today will be a long day for me with a long list of To-dos. Then I can tick it off one by one. I think, when I set small, realistic targets for the day I tend to, actually, complete them. No procrastination. When I see what I need to do right in front of me it makes it easier to stick to the plan. If I just had them in my mind then they would all mess up in my head. And some of them, I would forget.

So waking up early can only be a good thing. But not that early. I also go to bed early. So I don’t feel that tired when I get up early. It helps boosts my self-esteem and confidence as well. I feel, I’m ready for anything.

Good coffee

Cleansing Clay Mask

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I make and use my own cleansing clay mask once a week – to deep clean and withdraw all impurities from my skin. After each use, my skin feels so clean, soft, and smooth. Then I apply a serum, then my BUPPHA Beautiful Skin Moisturiser at last. All of these cosmetics, I make them myself. And my skin looks fantastic day after day. So I might consider making and selling the serum and face mask as well since they really work. I have been using these 3 skincare products that I make and test use myself for over a year now. And I am so happy with the amazing results I get from them. So I am so confident that if they helped me they could help you, too.

Making natural skin care products is something I enjoy. Mainly for my own use since I couldn’t find beauty products out there in the market that actually work. So, I decided to formulate my own Cosmetics – just for my own use to begin with. And I couldn’t be more proud of myself because the skincare products I make myself really work. They do give me the outcomes I want. After years of searching for the right cure, I have, finally and ironically, found it by making it myself. That’s how it is, perhaps. If you can’t find it elsewhere then you have to make or invent it yourself. I realise that now.

I use natural skin care, eat healthy food, and live a healthy lifestyle. Life is good!

Cleansing clay mask

My New Smoothie Maker

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I love smoothies! So today, I just bought a smoothie maker. Now my problem solved! I spend money every time when I go out to buy smoothies. And it’s not cheap. A bottle of about 500ml smoothie costs around £4- £5. I’m too tired to try to make a smoothie today. I will go out tomorrow, to buy some fruits & vegetables to make my first smoothie. I so look forward to it.

Healthy eating & healthy living is what I need from now on. I feel guilty when I eat fast food and unhealthy food. I love fruits and vegetables. So my new smoothie machine can really help me turn my favourite fruits and vegetables into delicious, healthy drinks. I can’t wait to make my first smoothie by myself tomorrow!

When I was in Thailand, I rarely ate cakes, sweet, cookies, and something like that. I ate fruits instead when I felt like eating something sweet. And I used lots of vegetables in my cooking as well. Because, Thailand is a warm country, so it’s easy to grow exotic fruits and vegetables everywhere. So you can buy a variety of fruits and vegetables almost for nothing in Thailand since we have plenty of them.

In Europe, it’s cold. So people don’t really eat fruits, I think. So people prefer to have a cake with a good cup of coffee instead for dessert. And there isn’t a good selection of fruits and vegetables to choose from anyway. I miss eating various fruits and vegetables daily. So I try to eat healthy food as much as I can – the same way I was used to when I was in Thailand.

This smoothie maker will help me a lot, to make eating healthy food and living a healthy lifestyle fun.

Smoothie maker

I Need a Laptop

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I really need a laptop now. I do not have a laptop. I use my smartphone as a laptop as well. I do everything on my mobile, such as go online, write blog. But it doesn’t have a big screen as a laptop. That’s the only thing why I want a laptop. Otherwise, all the functions & features that a laptop can give you, my smartphone can do too. So for that reasons, I don’t really need a laptop. But I miss a big screen to see things clearer and better. Because I have a blog and an e-commerce site. And that’s why I want to be able to see how my websites look like and function on a big screen. I know there are sites that you can check how your website look like on a desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablet, and so on. But it still doesn’t give me the big picture as if I have a laptop right in front of me. So sometimes, I just go to Internet Cafe to check my sites on a bigger screen and on different browsers, to see how they work and look on several browsers. And it isn’t that convenient for me. I don’t like sitting in an internet café among others since I find it hard to concentrate. And I don’t like the possibility that someone might stare at my screen. Because I do experience sometimes when I use internet at the internet cafe that people sit next to me like to look at my screen – to see what I’m doing? I think it’s very not nice. I have no desire to intrude other people’s privacy. So, it’s hard for me to accept that some people like to do that to others. So, I will just have to buy a laptop soon.

Torn jeans

I Love Music

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I love music as much as I love film. I want to become a songwriter as well. I will try a script writing class first and see how much I like it, and how my writing skills have developed. Then I can better make a decision about song writing. I love being creative. And film & music are my top interests. I will do whatever I can to pursue my dreams in these two fields. If I only succeeded in one of them is fine with me. But I have to succeed. And it doesn’t matter which one. I might try to play an instrument as well. Maybe guitar. But I’m not good at it. I must admit. My ex is a guitarist. And he taught me how to play guitar. But I couldn’t play it. Maybe, I wasn’t serious about it enough. So, I shall try again. But I think, I should stick to writing. That’s what I think I am good at. Anyway, I will explore my gifts one thing at a time, until l discover my real talent (s). I will never know what I’m really good at, not until I have tried and tried.

Rocking Style Fashion

A Cure For Acne

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I have found a new cure for acne which is BUPPHA Beautiful Skin Moisturiser. It doesn’t only cure acne. It heals most of skin problems as well. I have been using it myself for over a year now. And my skin is getting more and more beautiful. I have never used any skincare product that makes my skin look beautiful the longer I use it. So I’m so glad, I have formulated this product for long-lasting results. My skin now is even, smooth, clear, has a nice glow, firm, has a younger looking skin, and plus the appearance of my wrinkles, blemishes, freckles, scars, sunburn, and the like, have been reduced to a great extent. I use it day & night and every day. And I can see that the results have clearly maximised when I use it regularly and continuously.

It’s a simple moisturizer made of aloe vera gel, coconut oil, lavender essential oil, and 4-5 more oils.

Younger looking skin

I also use it as a body lotion. Right after shower, I apply it as a body lotion and my skin instantly becomes so soft and smooth, like baby skin. It absorbs into the skin quickly without leaving any residue and greasiness. I also use it as eye-makeup remover, hair conditioner, and many more. So, it really is an all-in-one moisturiser that cures almost all your skin problems and can be used all over your body – not just face – which makes it a really good value for money skin care.

A serum for acne-prone skin is also on its way! Right now, I’m testing it on my own skin first since I easily get acne. After 2 weeks, my skin looks incredibly smooth. And my acne & pimples were being cured within 2-3 days already. I apply the serum before my BUPPHA Beautiful Skin Moisturiser every time. These 2 products work really well together. Now my skin looks amazingly beautiful like never before.

Acne-prone skin skincare

Betty Blue Movie

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Betty Blue is one of my top movies. It’s so different. When you watch a good film it tends to stay in your mind for a very long time, maybe even for the rest of your life. And that’s why I’ve always been fascinated by films. I prefer movies that tell stories about real life. Something that could happen to anyone. Something that we oversee or try to forget. Something that is not too far from our everyday life. And that’s why sometimes, I like watching European movies since they are more realistic, in my opinion. And one of my favourite European films of all time is Betty Blue, which is a France film. And in fact, many of my top favorite films are France movies. I think they make quality films. Betty Blue’s such a sad love story. But the most unforgettable of this movie is not the story in itself, but the characters. Especially Betty character, no one would ever forget this insane woman. You may have forgotten the plot after the years have passed, or maybe right after you’ve finished watching the film. But the character will still stay in your mind for the rest of your life. That’s for sure. It’s a cleverly made film without a huge budget. Well, I don’t think this film was expensive to make. I’m crazy about film, and I love telling stories. So this film has inspired me in many ways. It has, for example, inspired me to become a screenwriter. This film is very unique. It’s worth watching for a film fanatic like me.

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