Film Locations

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I am on my way out. I am going to walk around London today – to survey the film locations for my first feature film. I am serious about it. My feature film project will start today! The earliest I start, the better. Then I am going to start looking for actors/actresses, extras, film crew, and so on. I have to finish creating some more characters first. I am already finished with the main characters. I need to build some more. When all my characters and film script have been generated, then I will know who will be suitable for the roles. This could be a very good chance for everybody to get involved since it is a feature film. And aspiring actors & actresses could become stars overnight. This could be their breakthrough performances. I can reveal a little bit that it will be a romantic comedy, or just romance. I have a very good plot that I think will make a good romance. This is a long process and big project since it is a feature film. But it’s not that hard anyway when you know what you are doing. And you have the right team to work with. I am so excited already thinking about making my first feature film. So from now on, I will be busy preparing the movie. Hopefully, I could finish it this year. So it could be in cinema next year. It will be a low budget film. Anyway, it could be an excellent movie. As long as I have a good plot, characters, find suitable actors and film crew to work with, then it should be all that I need. All will get credit and the footage of the film. I really hope it will be a success because it will mean that we all that involve in the film will also have a big breakthrough – a huge reward and recognition for our contribution.


Film Making Course

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I am going to start film making course soon. I did go to college to study film making. But that was many years ago. And I didn’t complete it anyway. So now, since I want to be serious about becoming a filmmaker, scriptwriter, director, etc. I need to gain some more skills in these fields. So I visited some colleges in London today, to find the right course I want to attend. And I have found one. It has got the whole package – everything you need to learn and know about film making, including script writing. It will start next month. I so look forward to beginning the class! Then when I finish the course, I think, I will be ready to make my own feature film this year if I decided to do so. I already have the experience and knowledge which will make it more easy for me to go through the film making course again, I think. I already see myself as a successful film director, filmmaker, screenwriter, and actress. Sometimes, visualisation really does help, to motivate you to do whatever you can to reach your goals faster. When you already visualise your future, how you picture yourself the way you have dreamed of, you tend to be positive about your future & dreams and do whatever it takes to turn them into reality. I feel like, I am coming home! I have found my way back home again. It’s such an incredible feeling, to do what I love, and surround myself with what interests me the most.

My First Feature film

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I really want to make my first feature film soon. I don’t know. The idea is just so strong. I feel like dropping the whole thing and focus only on film industry. I do lots of things at once which scatters my energy everywhere. And that’s why I never finish my book, film script, or even start making a film. And I have lots of good stories to turn them into books or films. I have experience in film making. I am an aspiring actress myself. So, I have experiences both in front and behind the camera. If I could just concentrate on film business and nothing more, I might have written a book or two or made my first feature film by now. So today, I will spend time thinking about my future, what I really want, what makes me happy, how I see myself in the next 3, 5, or 10 years, and so on. I think, it’s very important that I have to start being serious about what I really want to do with my life in terms of work. Time doesn’t wait for me. So I have to make up my mind now. But I have a strong feeling that it will be entertainment industry that I will enjoy working with it for the rest of my life.

So I think today, I will start looking for film crew to collaborate with. I am not finished with the film script, yet. But I have already written a draft or plot, created the characters, had some locations in my mind, etc. So, I do have an idea of the film genre, what types of actors and actresses to be in the film, where to film it, and more. It will be a low budget film that maybe doesn’t even need any money to make it. But the film could become sensational! If I planned it well, started in good time, found the right people to work with, and so forth. That’s all it needs, I think. So I’d better start now. I think, this is it! I’m going to do it. And who knows, this could be my breakthrough movie.

Buppha actress in London

Jewellery Business

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I also have a jewellery business. I make most of the jewels myself. I add products on my e-commerce webssite,, once in a while. I am busy doing lots of things at once. So I almost forgot that I also sell jewelry, handmade cosmetics, fashion clothes, which I also sew them myself. I sell my products on different platforms – not just on my own website. So sometimes I sell something on other websites, I don’t even remember that I have put my products there. So now, I have to focus on my own business as well. I will add more and more products on my own website. I need time to make them first, take some photos, add them to the website, etc. All that takes time as well. Sometimes, I also go sell my stuff at the market, which I am going to do it again soon. Now the weather is getting nicer and nicer. People will go to the markets more and more. So, it’s a perfect time to start now. I just have to make lots of products first. Then I’m ready.

Fake diamond necklace

Rhinestone choker

Novel Night

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Tonight, I will try to continue to read my book. I bought 2 novels last year. And I only finished the first two chapters of one novel. I love reading, as much as I love writing. Some books I have read a long time ago. But the stories and characters are still fresh in my mind. That’s how a good book should be. One day, I hope I will be able to create captivating stories that most people will love. I like reading in the night time when all is quiet. I can really digest the story more. And my imagination runs wild. I love reading books, as much as I love watching films. Because they share the same core values: The stories & characters. No book and film will be successful without at least a good, unique character and plot. I can’t wait to start my script writing class soon. I can’t wait to start telling good stories and turning them into movies that people want to watch. My plan to make my first feature film is still there. I have the story. I could not make it last year because I did not have enough time to start and finish the project. But this year, I think I am ready to do it. It’s a matter of starting as early as possible – finish the script – get the fund if needed – look for the film crew, actors, locations, and so forth. Then, my first feature film would probably be in cinema next year already. I have made student films before. So I do know what I have to prepare. I just need to think quickly that this is something I want to spend my time and energy on this year? But, I have a good feeling that it would be a good film if I’re going to make it. If not, all I get is a good experience and knowledge for my next film. So, I have nothing to lose, actually. I feel good already! This is how you should feel when you’re passionate about something. It’s a pure enjoyment and excitement when you do what you love. Every day is a good day when you surround yourself with things that interest you and like-minded people.

Liverpool Street

How Did I Get Into Acting?

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How did I get into acting? Well, I’ve always been fascinated by films. I was thinking of becoming an actress one day when I was a little girl. You know, people always ask you, what do you want to be when you grow up? And my answer was always, “I want to be an actress.” I had also participated in school plays often, including singing, essay writing, poem, and more competitions, when I was a school girl. Just all the creative activities that I could be involved in as many as possible. But when I grew up, I forgot all about becoming an actress. My dream remained a dream. I had never, actually, tried to make it come true. I still love telling good stories, and still passionate about films. So in 2004 (I think), I decided to attend Copenhagen Technical College (KTS) in Denmark, to study film & communication.


Our first student film, we were running out of money and time. Each of us contributed the money towards the costs of aspiring actors. We did successfully find some. And we paid them about £50 each for just about a half day shoot. On top of that, we also gave them a copy of the film, which was a very good deal for aspiring actors. But then, we were running out of money and time. Our deadline was near. So, one of us had to play in the film as well – to be able to finish the film on time. And we needed a girl. And in my group, there were only 2 girls and 3 boys. And the other girl, she didn’t want to be an actress. She preferred working behind the camera instead. So, I had to play since no one else left. That’s how I began to act in front of camera for the very first time, which I quite liked it. I still continued to be an actress in our own student films, afterwards.

Film set

After having acted in some more films that I made with my classmates, I decided to quit the film school after I had just started for only 2-3 months, to start focusing solely on my acting career instead. That’s how I, accidentally, got into acting. Even though, I wanted to be an actress when I was very young, but somehow I forgot all about it. Not until I decided to study film making that I started to discover my long-lost dream. But the desire to be a filmmaker is still there. I still want to work behind the camera as well, as a screenwriter, director, for instance. So, if I didn’t become a successful actress I wouldn’t mind that much. I would try to become a screenwriter and/or director instead. That would be my plan B.

Home Sweet Home

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Time for a cosy breakfast at home, finally! The coffee tastes so good. Everything tastes divine when you make it yourself, really. I prefer making my own breakfast and dinner since I find joy in preparing good food for myself. I know what’s in it. And I can control the flavours. I can choose the best ingredients and produce for my cooking. The outcome is just a perfect, healthy meal just for me, which makes me feel proud of myself. That’s the real reward for doing your own cooking, I think.

I had been living with breakfasts and coffees from the coffee shops for the past few weeks. I had been out and worked and worked. When I didn’t work then I was too tired to cook. So I relied a lot on takeaways or food at work. I rarely use my own kitchen for anything. I really miss that. Today, I will take this opportunity to make a nice dinner for myself. I have some chicken meat left in my freezer. So, I will use that. Then I won’t buy more food for now. Because I have to go out and work again almost every day. So, there’s no need to stock food at home when I don’t know when I will have time to prepare my own meal again. Today, I don’t have to go out anywhere. Then luckily, I still have some chicken breasts in the freezer for one dinner. Otherwise, I would order takeaway again.

There are lots of things that need to be done today. So I have to utilise my day off wisely. I have to try to get things done as many as possible. That’s how it is. When you’re finally home you think you can now relax. But you still have lots of work to do anyway since when you’re not home you can’t do it. So even I don’t go nowhere, I’m still busy. But at least, I’m home.

Coffee and pastry

Accents Classes

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I plan to take accents classes as well. I can speak English. But my English accent is very weird. I must admit. Even though I have been living in London for about 6-7 years now. But my English Accent still hasn’t improved. Maybe because I speak 3 languages which are Thai, English, and Danish, and that could, perhaps, affect my British accent as well. Even when I speak Thai, my own native language, some Thai people even ask me: “Are you from Thailand? Are you sure? Because your accent is not something I normally hear from a native Thai person.” And that’s because I have been living in Europe for so long. And I don’t really speak Thai to anyone. I do speak Thai, sometimes. But that is very seldom. I don’t really care about Thai language for now anyway since I am not going to use it that much in my everyday life. But English language/British accent is what I do need at this moment and in the future, especially for my acting career.

So some accent lessons would really help me a lot. Therefore, I am going to take some accent workshops very soon – both British and American Accents. I think, it’s very important for me to improve my accents if I want to be a successful actress in Britain, or internationally where English language is the main language.

I have looked at several, reputable acting schools around London. And I have found some that I would like to attend. So, I’m really looking forward to starting soon – to add more skills and qualifications to my acting resume.

Accent is not the only thing I want to add to my resume. I also plan to take acting, martial arts, yoga, and dancing classes as well. I have to prioritise which one will be at the top of my list first. Then I will complete it one by one.

I feel amazing now when I organise my life the way I want it to be. I know what my wishes are and how to implement them, by completing small, realistic targets that will take me closer to my objectives. When I do it this way I feel like my goals are just right around the corner! I’m almost there. I can almost taste & smell the success. When I see thing from a new perspective it does change the way I think and how I can accomplish it. Now, I feel like as long as I stick to my ambitions and do whatever I can to make my dreams come true nothing can go wrong.

Chicken Pad Thai

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I love Chicken Pad Thai. I do make Pad Thai often. I love noodles in general anyway. So it makes sense, to make lots of Pad Thai Sauce at once – just about a bottle to make 5 or more Pad Thai meals. So for the past couple of days, I had been trying to make Pad Thai Sauce from 100% natural ingredients, mainly for my own use. It tastes actually good. I only use Pad Thai Sauce to cook my Pad Thai, and nothing more – no added fish sauce, or anything like that. Just the Pad Thai Sauce, some meat, rice noodles, some vegetables, and that’s it. The outcome is delicious! It’s very convenient, indeed. So, I might consider selling it as well. But, I’m not quite sure yet. Even though, I love Thai food, but I am not that passionate about it, so that I want to work with it on a daily basis. But my Pad Thai Sauce tastes good. It made of 100% quality, natural ingredients. It will be very handy for many who love Pad Thai since you do not need to add more fish sauce, soya sauce, sugar, and any seasoning. Just my Pad Thai Sauce, and you will be making yummy Pad Thai in no time at all! And there are not too many ingredients either. Just my Pad Thai Sauce, rice noodle, meat of your choice, egg, carrot, spring onion, beansprouts, and that’s pretty much it. And all ingredients you can buy them anywhere. Most of supermarkets and Indian shops do sell rice noodles as well. So you don’t have to go to Thai/Chinese shop just to buy rice noodle.

Sometimes, you fancy Thai food, but if you had to buy all of the sauces to be able to make a Thai dish just for one evening, and then maybe the next time you feel like making it again would be the next full moon. So all your Asian sauces would stand there in your kitchen, taking up space without being used for a long period of time. And that isn’t a good idea, especially for people with small kitchen. So my Pad Thai Sauce will be your perfect solution. Just one bottle of it that will let you cook tasty Pad Thai like a pro and in minuutes without all the hassles.

So, I will see if I wanted to sell Pad Thai Sauce as well. But as I said, food is not what I want to deal with every day professionally. Personally, perhaps.

Pad Thai dish

Homemade Pad Thai Sauce.

Homemade Pad Thai

Home cooked Pad Thai.

A Short Video Introduction

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I have just made a video introducing myself. Sometimes, it’s better to make a short video introduction about me. So people can see how I look now, how I look on camera, and hear how I talk. The clip is a little bit dark because the light where I stand went off a while ago. I forgot to replace it. I don’t need too much light in my flat anyway. I have lots of lights in my studio. So if I put one more light it would be too much. So, I just ignored it. But now, I can see that I need more lights in my flat when I film it at night.

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