Simple Stir-fried Dishes

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Today I will share with you how to make simple, Asian stir-fried dishes which could be any, using soy sauce, fish sauce, oyster sauce, or broth as seasoning. Just use whatever sauces you have in the kitchen. There’s no need to go buy new sauces since you don’t cook Asian food every day anyway. Stir-fried dishes are always quick, simple, delicious, and healthy since the main ingredients are vegetables. 

This dish is for 2 People

Cooking time is about 30 Minutes or less


  • 300-400 Grams of pork, cut into pieces (you can use pork, chicken, beef, tofu, or just vegetables)
  • 3-4 Cloves of garlic, roughly chopped
  • 1 Pack of fresh baby corn & snow peas, halved it (you can use all sorts of vegetables you like that are good for stir-fry)
  • 1 Pack of mushroom, cut it in half, if they’re big mushrooms cut it into 4 Pieces
  • 200-250 ml of chicken broth (or water)
  • Fish sauce, soy sauce, oyster sauce, any Asian sauces that you have
  • 1-2 Teaspoons of sugar (optional)
  • 3-4 Tablespoons cooking oil
  • 2-3 Teaspoons of tapioca flour


  1. Heat oil in wok or large pan over medium heat, add garlic and stir-fry it quickly.

2. Stir-fry the garlic quickly until it starts turning a little golden-brown and smelling good.

3. Add pork and fry the pork quickly and don’t be scared to burn the garlic. If you stir-fry it quickly, the garlic won’t burn.

4. Fry the pork until it’s about 80% finished.

5.  Add mushroom, continue to stir-fry until the pork and the mushroom are completely cooked. 

6. You can add seasoning while frying the pork and the mushroom. Or, you can add it at last when all ingredients are in the wok or pan. I don’t tell you here how many tablespoons or teaspoons you will need for the soy sauce, fish sauce, or oyster sauce since Asian food is about tasting and experimenting the flavors until you create the taste that you like. Normally, it won’t be more than 1-2 Tablespoons for each sauce for a dish for 2 People. But again, add it and taste it to your liking.

7. Add baby corn and stir-fry it until it’s about 70% done, then add snow peas.

8. Stir-fry everything together quickly for about a few minutes.

9. Then add chicken broth or water.

10. Mix tapioca flour with cold water to create a liquid, then add the liquid bit by bit into the wok, to create a thick sauce or gravy. When you get the thickness you like, turn off the heat, and remove the wok from the heat.

11. Serve it right away on top of fresh cooked jasmine rice.

Snow is Coming

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Snow starts falling in UK. And it’s cold like in Alaska. I have never been there. But, I think, it must be very cold. I was used to hating snow when I was in Denmark. Seeing too much snow almost every single year made me sick of it. And when it’s snowing it meant, I had to bicycle on top of thick snow layer on the street when I had to go somewhere. Because, most people in Denmark prefer using bikes than cars or public transport to protect the air and climate which is an excellent idea. I wish, all countries did the same. But snow gave me a hard time when I had to go somewhere. In the end, I got used to it. I biked a lot when I was in Denmark. The clean air and the daily exercise made me feel incredibly healthy. 

Now, since I moved to England I don’t see snow that often, so whenever I see snow in UK it feels like I see it for the very first time. I will run to the windows and observe its every move. The soft, feather like particles falling slowly from the sky have turned the scene outside into a romantic setting. It’s so inspiring. It makes me want to write a romantic novel or something. But, I don’t think I’m into writing romantic stuff that much. I think, I’m more into drama, action, suspense, thriller, and horror. 

The snow doesn’t fall that much now. This week, according to the weather forecast, will be even colder than the previous weeks. I have to be careful when I go out. Getting sick is the last think I want to happen to me. So, I have to avoid it at all costs.

I Love Fashion And Jewelry

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I love fashion and jewelry. I made and sold jewellery before. But, it’s very difficult when I’m also working in film & TV and have to be on sets quite often. I also want to be a screenwriter. So, when I’m not on a film set I write. Therefore, I didn’t really have time to market my business and make jewels. So I stopped my jewelry business. I only make them for my own use. Before, I also bought fashion clothes very often. I go everywhere in London – hip & cool places, looking for unique items. Even though, I don’t buy anything, but it’s a joy anyway walking around and discovering new, exciting places and looks. London is a perfect place for style enthusiasts. I think, I’m in the right place then. I start slowing down a little bit. So now, I only buy new clothes maybe once a month, and just 1 piece of clothing – no more. When I’m rich I can buy lots of clothes….haha….Anyway, I have lots of clothes in my wardrobe that I only wear them once or twice only. I love fashion so much, so that I bought my own sewing machine, to sew my own clothes. I don’t have time to sew that much either, so I got rid of it. Same with television. I don’t really have time to watch TV since I spend all my free time to write. So, I got rid of it as well. I feel so free. My studio has more space now and it’s fairly spartan. That’s what I prefer. But I think, my place needs to look more cozy than this. I don’t really decorate my place with stuff. Maybe I should start doing it.

Making and wearing my own jewelry.

Silver sandals

I only were these shoes once. But the bag, I use it a lot. I think, I have it for 3-4 years now. And I still love it.

vintage fashion

I like going to antique markets once in a while, looking for hip & cool stuff.

actress buppha

I love summer and sunglasses.


Having lunch on set.


One of my favorite places is Camden Market. I think, I go there every summer.

Camden Market.

Wearing my own jewellery.

More jewels.

brick lane

I love going to Brick Lane Market as well.

cool shoreditch

Very cool place. I think, it’s in Shoreditch.

brown women boots

I think, I have these boots for 5 years or more now.

Now I’m wearing them.

Strawberry For Breakfast

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I’m having strawberry for breakfast today with tea and juice. I just have it like that. It sounds and looks so healthy. I’m tired of real food. I feel like having something light instead. I love fruits and vegetables. I think, I eat more fruits and vegetables than meat. Sometimes, I like going to a market nearby and buy lots of fruits and vegetables to store in my fridge. Then I use them up quickly before they get bad. When I have used them up I take another tour to the market again. I don’t like buying frozen fruits and vegetables. They don’t taste and feel fresh. I wish I had a small garden, so that I could plant everything myself. Then whenever I need fresh produce for my cooking I can just go grab it in my garden. Raw, natural material makes food taste delicious without much seasoning. I do lots of stir-fried dishes which I just stir-fry it quickly, so that all the ingredients just stay as crisp as possible. And just a little bit of seasoning to enhance the flavor. You would be surprised how Thai Fried Rice can be made using just salt & sugar to enhance the flavor – no need of soy sauce, fish sauce, etc. And it tastes equally delicious, or even better than when you use soy sauce, fish sauce, oyster sauce, and similar.


My Top 20 Films

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My top 20 Films which I can watch them again and again:

1. King Kong (2005)
2. Planet of The Apes (1968)
3. The Time Traveller’s Wife
4. Memento
5. Blade Runner (1982)
6. Basic Instinct
7. The Hangover
8. The Lord of The Rings
9. Betty Blue
10. Ted
11. Wings of Desire
12. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
13. The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover
14. Midnight Express
15. Bridesmaids
16. Thelma & Louise
17. The Phantom of the Opera (2004)
18. Anastasia (1956)
19. Les Misérables (2012)
20. Shine


I Love Traveling

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I love traveling and exploring the world. I think, travel makes us feel alive. I like visiting different markets or places in and around London, looking for vintage stuff, trying different foods, and enjoying the new adventure. You learn a lot about life, yourself, and others by traveling. You become more open-minded, laid-back, and be positive about almost everything and your future. I don’t know about others, but it works for me. I don’t have to go that far. I just go to some places in London that I have never been before, or interesting places that I love going again and again. I see this vivid, inviting vegan food stall at Spitalfields market every time I visit the market. I don’t know if it is still there. Last time I visited the market was about a month or two ago. I think, it’s Ethiopian food or something like that. I have never tried it before. Maybe, I should try it next time. It looked so colorful and clean.

Even though I am not a vegetarian or vegan, but I felt tempted to buy food from it. It just looked so irresistible. I promise myself, I will go back next time and try it, eventually. The stall looks this good, the food must also taste as good as it looks. I love street food. I don’t like going to a nice restaurant. It just feels so….formal. I like relaxing, friendly atmosphere and all things natural. It’s so me. I just like everything that represents a bohemian and positive lifestyle.

street food

Instant Risk in Cartoon Version

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I love drawing. So I, initially, wanted to make Instant Risk as a cartoon. But then, it took me too long to draw each scene and each character’s movements, so I decided to make it as a normal film instead using real actors. I managed to draw the opening scene, two characters as you see in the video above, and that’s it. It could turn out good if I continued with it. Who knows. I’ll keep that in mind for my next projects. And making animated film is not that easy as many might think. I think, personally, it’s more difficult than making movies with actual artistes. Each scene and character has to be drawn to a tiny detail. Well, maybe not. It depends. Anyway, it’s not just the sketches, after the figures are being shaped then the movement techniques, the sound, the voice over, and many more which requires lots and lots of time to produce.

But, the easiest thing about it that it can be made single-handedly, which is good if you don’t have that much money to make film – to hire actors, film crew, equipment, film locations, and so on. But patience is key in making cartoon. So, even if you can get away with it by producing it on your own, but then you have to be very patient to make it. And I just wanted to create something quickly, so I just skipped the animation movie idea and made film with tangible performers instead.

The scene as you see in the video above is the opening scene of my short, Instant Risk, in which the heroine, Birgit (Buppha Witt), is being followed by the attacker on her way home. You can view the trailer here.

Easy drawing of Pokemon cartoon.

In Love With Music

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I love music so much, so that at one point in my life I wanted to be a musician, a singer. Then I found out that I have a terrible singing voice, so I gave up the idea and focused on acting instead. But my love for music hasn’t gone. I still love listening to music. Whenever I feel sad, happy, and so on, I always turn to music. It’s my therapy. I think, it’s also because my ex is a musician, guitarist. We were together for about 5 years. So, in all those years, I had listened to music day & night and every day. Thus, I started falling in love with music, too. And that’s a good thing. I also went to several music festivals and concerts – mostly when his band’s performing. It’s one of the best experiences in my life. As soon as we entered the music festivals or the concert scenes, there’re only music and joy. It’s like a whole new, different world. I still have good, fun memories of it. Good memories are precious. Because, they last a lifetime. Every time I think about it, it brings a smile to my lips. I wish, I could turn back time, to go back and experience those happy moments once more. 

Enjoy the music from INXS, “By My Side”:

Dreaming vs. Reality Video

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Hi, again! Today, I’m making a new video about dreaming vs. reality for aspiring actress. I think, it’s fun to make and laugh about it. I have been working constantly on my screenplay, so I need to make a fun video to take a break from my work for a moment. After this video, I will continue to work on my script again. Hope you like the video. Thanks!