The Hunt For The Editor

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I’m still working through the applications for a colourist-editor and a sound mixer. It’s a big job going through each applicant’s CV and showreel since there is a lot of applications to sort through. It therefore requires persistence and attention to details in order to select the right candidates for the jobs. So I’m devoting my whole day today to shortlist potential prospects. I’m not even halfway, yet. I am definitely not going to finish the hunt for the right candidates today. So I must continue the search tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow if I have to. I am really into filmmaking. It’s what I love doing. So hiring the right film crew for my films is my duty that I have to carry out – no matter what. Even if it means I have to exhaust myself to trawl through all applications to find the right candidates, then I have to. I am an indie filmmaker, after all. So whatever I can do it myself I will do it. It can be tough. But I love what I do, so I enjoy doing it. That’s why I might edit the film myself.

Selfie near my studio.


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I spend my day trying to ease my workload because I had been working the past few weeks or so. So I didn’t really have time to do anything. When I finally have time to do things I need to do, it’s suddenly getting too much. I am not getting very far. I must admit. Working in front of a computer constantly can make you feel tired, which can slow you down. So during the day, I wanted to take a nap, but I couldn’t. There is so much to do that I can’t have time for nothing else. I have to get things done, which is my top priority.

The weather is also not so good today. The rain poured down just a minute ago. Then it stopped all of the sudden. The sun now begins to shine after the rain. It’s still raining, though, but not that heavily like a minute ago. Since I am no longer feel sleepy, I will continue to work through my tasks as many as I can. I don’t like things piling up. I like to organise things, to clear my mind. If my home is messy and my workload is stacking up, they block my creativity and productivity. So I can’t let these things slow me down.

My studio is still a mess after filming. I have to get it back to normal as well.


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The makeup artist was applying the makeup on my face to make me look sick. I was playing Aurora who’s got Malaria. This technique is easy. I could do it myself. All in all, I have learned a lot making this film – both good and bad. There’s a lot of lessons I have gained. I will definitely make use of this incredible experience in my future filmmaking projects. Making films is not an easy mission at all. On the surface, it looks fun. But behind the scenes, there are lots going on that require patience, management skill, and many, many more. So it is a total challenge when you take all elements into account. Therefore, it was worth the effort and time for me to make this film “BTO,” otherwise I wouldn’t have learned what I have learned.

My next step is to look for a colourist-editor and a sound mixer to edit the film, so that the film can be finalised. So every day, I’m also very busy looking for these 2 people to complete the film. There are lots of applicants that I have to go through. Selecting the right person for the duty can be a difficult task as well. So I’m taking my time to read and watch each potential candidate’s CV and showreel in order to make the right decision. It’s a boring assignment. But I have to if I want the film to turn out good with quality sound and cinematic looking. The film will be sent to film festivals, after all. So this final step is also crucial.

If you are a colourist-editor or a sound mixer with at least 3 years of experience, for more info about the position you want to apply for please feel free to email me your CV and showreel (s) to

Thanks and I look forward to receiving your application soon.


Having a makeup on.

A Terrific Trip Down Memory Lane

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My 80s horror/romance short “Blood Type O” is like a terrific trip down memory lane. There are lots of 80s references to be found in the film. So I enjoyed making this film since the 80s is one of my favourite eras. It’s like jumping on a nostalgia train taking me right back to a wonderful time when I grew up being a teenager. I so look forward to seeing the end result of the film when its post-production is over. I have never made films with 80s tone & style before. So I’m excited to see how I have managed to make this film BTO as close to the 80s as possible.

Behind the scene image.

The whole filming process could finally be completed this month. There are some pickup shots left. Then, that’s it. The re-shoot could take just half a day or maybe one day. I think I have learned a lot making this film. It has taught me lots of new filmmaking skills, management, experience, and many more. It is true that you can only learn by doing or making it, to actually creating something yourself is the best way to gain new insight & knowledge and explore new territories that you normally wouldn’t think of or go near them. So I am so glad that I decided to make this film on my own, at long last. I tried to make use of all my experiences and skills in filmmaking as much as possible in this film. It was worth the effort, indeed.

BTS image of the film set, which is my studio.

I might even edit the film myself. But I’m not so sure. Maybe, I will have to find another editor anyway. Someone who is experienced. I want the film to look professional because it will be sent to film festivals. So I think I’d be better off finding someone else with a sound experience to color grade and edit the film instead. The entire filming procedure could take up to 2 months with a pickup and editing. It’s not an easy process at all. You may think: I have now finished shooting the film, then I’m all set! It’s not like that at all. Another phase of filmmaking which is the post-production could take as long as the pre-production operation. There are lots of shots that need to be combined together, discard, colour grade, and many more, including sound. So, it’s an another action that requires extra attention and care, to produce a professional looking, entertaining film.

80s music.
There are lots of 80s references in this horror/romance short Blood Type O. Can you spot some?

BTO Filming

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We had begun to shoot the film Blood Type O this past weekend. There are some small scenes left, which may take only 4-6 hours to shoot – just half day filming max. So we may shoot it in one of the days next week. Then we’re all set! Below are some photos from the set taken with my mobile phone.

Me, looking sick because I’m playing the character who has Malaria.
BTS photo.
My studio with a touch of 80s deco.
Behind the scene.
With the actor Alex.
80s phone.

80s Look

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I have found my old photo from a film set that looks like an 80s look. That’s how my makeup may look like in my 80s inspired horror short “Blood Type O.” This photo was from last year or the year before, I think. My hair and my look haven’t changed much. The makeup artist, she did a great job here. My new makeup artist in my upcoming horror short is excellent, too. I can’t wait to work with her. It will be an amazing film set. And I get a good feeling that the film will be a piece of art. I think I have got a good team for this film. I look forward to working with them pretty soon. I am too busy for the moment to get my film made that I only focus on this project for the time being. I pour my heart & soul into it. I really sink my teeth into it as well. So I hope the end result is worth it. Sure, it will!

80s look.

Music Night

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Listening to music. When I want to relax, I turn to music not TV or films. I don’t even have a telly. Just music is enough for me. It entertains my soul better than television. I love watching movies, though. But I don’t like watching TV constantly. That’s why I got rid of the television set. I love music so much sometimes I doubt myself: Why do I want to be an actor not musician? But I love acting as much as I love music. I just don’t think I have the talent to be a musician. So, I’m happy to just pursue my dreams as an actress and a filmmaker instead. But some people do possess both skills. Just not me, which is fine 🙂

Bacon And Egg Sandwich

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I’m making bacon and egg sandwich for my breakfast. It’s yummy when I don’t have it too often. Well, everything you make it yourself tends to taste naturally good anyway. I always have late breakfast during the weekends. I also got up late around 9am because I went to bed around 2am this morning. So many things to do. I could not therefore just go to bed although I was tired. A decent breakfast gives me the energy I need to get started my day. It will be another busy day.

I will soon be on my way out to a vintage market. It’s Saturday, a perfect day to walk around antique market. The sun also shines and all that. I hope, it’s not gonna rain. According to the weather forecast, there will be no rain. But who knows. The weather is changing a lot at the moment. The weather will be up to 23 degree. It’s okay. I just have to wear a jacket, just in case. I don’t trust the weather in UK. I have been sick very recently despite warm weather. So I have to be careful when I go out. To have a cold when the sun is shining outside is just not fair.

The reason I have to go out today is not just to go to a flea market, but I also have a meeting with another member of the film crew who I may potentially take on board. The filming date (s) is approaching. I’m therefore very busy. I have to do whatever I can to get things ready.

Yummy breakfast.

80s Horror Film

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The shooting dates of my horror short BTO are fast approaching. I’m therefore very busy at the moment. Every day I spend my time looking for cast & crew, having meetings, planning the shoot, and many more. This evening, I will make a shot list. Then, this weekend, I might go to flea markets as well, to look for vintage clothes for my 80s inspired horror short. Well, it’s not exactly 80s inspired because the film is inspired by a true event which actually took place in the early 80s. I haven’t been to antique markets for a very long time. Now, I have a very good reason to go to retro markets.

The project begins to materialise. Thanks to all cast & crew that have contributed to the inception so far. I still have lots to do myself on my part since it’s my project, after all. So every day, I multi-task to get this creation going. I have a strong ambition for my filmmaking career. So, I wake up every day excited to continue with my filmmaking concept. I will use my experience in Film & TV I have gained over a decade to full advantage on my horror short “Blood Type O” project. The vision of my second short finally takes shape, which I hope will be more entertaining and better than the previous one, just comes and lingers in my mind. It helps me keep going till I have produced it. You have to have something to look forward to as your motivation.

Image by Franck Barske from Pixabay
Believe it or not, the first comic book I read was Star Wars. I was like, “Wow, there’s also a princess in the space.” It just so impressed a little girl like me so much. Since then I grew up reading comic books.

BTO Project

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My BTO project is in the hopper. The filming dates are approaching. So I have to work against time to gather all cast & crew ready. I’m almost there. I work daily and constantly to have everything in place ready for the shoot. Therefore I don’t blog that often for the time being. I devote all my time to this project. At the moment this filmmaking project is my top priority as well as my drama screenplay, which I plan to finish the revision this month. So, I have two different projects going on that I want to complete by the end of this month.

I finished my drama spec script in short amount of time by virtue of my enthusiasm for the story. It’s such a unique story that needs to be told. Therefore I enjoy writing it. Also because I know the story so well. I aim to finalise the rewrite by the end of this month – no more editing. I really hope, it will be an enthralling screenplay since I write it from my heart – I know the story well – it’s a true story – and so on. It has universal themes that we all can identify ourselves with. I just feel so excited to finally finish it, and that it will be my first feature-length screenplay.

So this month, I have 2 projects to focus on. I feel so happy producing my own artwork. Although, I don’t make any money out of it. But the real joy of creating something of your own is more rewarding than money. My horror shor “Blood Type O” is just a short film to pitch for fund to make a feature film. That’s the actual purpose of making it. The real story took place in Thailand. So, if I did get the fund to turn it into a feature film, I might travel to thailand to make it there. Then, everything will be told as it is – nothing changes. The factual event happened when I was around 10-12 years old in the early 80s. If I did go film in Thailand, I might find a child actor there to play me instead. I think the film would be more powerful when it’s being told from the original setting, culture, and so forth. It could be a chance to show people another side of Thailand people have never seen before by a Thai person rather than a Westerner.