Beautiful Boy Film

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I started watching Beautiful Boy film not long ago. But I couldn’t finish watching it because I felt the movie was too monotonous. But, it’s a good film. I think. I just have to be patient and see it till the end. I think maybe because I am used to watching movies that have me on the edge of my seat the whole time. Or, there’s something about the plot that is so emotional, intrigue, unexpected, shocked, and similar. But Beautiful Boy is more of a family drama that emphasises the importance of support the family gives to each other in good and bad times, which is a good thing. I also am a fan of Timothée Chalamet and Steve Carell. I think they are talented actors.

My drama spec script is also about drug abuse. But the story is completely different than this film. So it’s good for me to see similar films, to see how it’s being made, how entertaining and educational they are, and many other things. I think I will try to finish watching Beautiful Boy this weekend, if I have time to do so. But it is more important for me that I try to complete the revision of my drama screenplay as soon as possible, so that I can move on. I really have to focus now, if I want this drama spec script to take shape.

Lost Son Screenplay

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I continue to revise my drama screenplay today “Lost Son.” I begin to separate my screenplay into small chunks and sequences, to make it manageable to edit and revise. Otherwise, the thought of having to redraft the whole 100 pages straight in one go would intimidate me. To a degree that I would procrastinate it. So I think this method would help me go through the correction process more effortlessly. I enjoy reworking and analysing my manuscript. You have to like doing it because this type of task can be rather boring.

I can feel I need a cup of coffee. It’s midday now. Sitting and editing all day long can make you feel sleepy. I always have my usual postprandial coffee. I think, the coffee tastes so good after you have had a meal. Now, I will try and see if I can finish the adjustment today or over the weekend. I have to hurry up. I don’t want to keep modifying it forever.

As long as the story is entertaining and original, I think the grammar and your writing don’t really matter. There are many great examples which the authors sell lots of books and their novels are being turned into films despite their poor grammar and writing skills. I think the core essence is that if the story in general is captivating enough, then people don’t even notice or don’t really care the small mistakes in grammar and such.

I have read some books myself which the authors are native British, but when you read their books you begin to wonder if English is their first language. But I do enjoy reading their books, though, because the plots, the stories, and the characters are riveting and unique. So in any case, some do find successes in writing books regardless of their lacks of linguistic skills. They just write it. Anyhow, the idea of becoming a writer is still putting lots of people off when they think about they are not a good writer. So they can never write a book since they think it has to be perfect, especially it’s the first book they’re going to write.

It just makes me feel so much better with this realisation and just go for it. What’s the worst thing that could happen, anyway?

I divide my script into small sections and sequences. So it’s easier to edit and manage, so that I don’t feel so overwhelmed that I have to rewrite a 100-page manuscript straight.

Rock ‘N’ Roll Look is Back!

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This fall, it seems that the rock ‘n’ roll look is back. I already have a lot of these types of outfits in my wardrobe. So I don’t really have to buy new clothes for the trend. Many of them are from second-hand shops, flea markets, charity shops, etc. I mean, if you want original vintage clothing, you will have to buy real used clothes from the actual periods. It could be from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, and so on. I have bought many items as low as £5 each and I still use them. So going to vintage markets is one of my favourite pastimes. I can buy many good, trendy clothes home for nothing. Luckily, there are also lots of charity shops near my place. I bought a pair of good condition jeans from TopShop from one of the charity shops near me about a couple of years ago for just £5, which I still use them today. I had also purchased a vintage leopard jumper in Covent Garden about 3-4 years ago for just £5 as well, which I also still wear it today. I think, in my wardrobe, I have 50% new clothes and 50% second-hand clothes. Funny enough I tend to wear second-hand clothes more than new clothes, which are way more expensive. The brand new clothes, I bought it once and maybe use it only a few times or on rare occasions. The clothes that I dress often are simply vintage stuff.

I always forget that my sunglasses reflect my mobile phone when I’m taking photos.
I bought this Iron Maiden tee some years ago which was about £15, I think. But it’s also original. The faux leather jacket was also £15, which I bought it on sale from H&M near Covent Garden Station (I think the store is no longer there) about 10 years ago. I still wear it. Now this type of biker jacket is a hit again.
Now, there is no mobile phone reflection in my sunglasses.
Back home again – at the entrance of the village.
Iron Maiden vintage t-shirt.
Home sweet home.
Cute hair clip to add a contrast to a raw style.

Notting Hill Carnival

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Believe it or not, it’s the first time that I attended Notting Hill Carnival last month. I had never been to Notting Hill Carnival before now. I don’t know why it took me so long to finally go see the carnival. Maybe it’s because it’s too warm, too many people, and it may be dangerous. But last month I spontaneously went there, at long last. It wasn’t that bad. Too many people, yes. But it’s okay. I have been to concerts and music festivals where there are 1000s and 1000s of people as well. A lot more people than this. They are also drunk people. So, it makes no difference to me. I have now experienced Notting Hill Carnival. I might go back next year.

I remember when Mumford & Sons concert was over in Victoria Park in June this year, I walked out of the park on my way home among tens of thousands of people. I walked in the middle of a massive mass of concertgoers all around me. It was quite scary. I was thinking, what if I’m getting sick, so how the ambulance is gonna reach me? And it was a long way to go before I got to the train station, which was too many people, so I had to catch a bus home instead. But it was worth it. The concert was epic! I really liked it. I will, for sure, attend their next concerts again in the future.

Selfie with a beautiful house in Notting Hill.

5 Tips on How to Start Your Acting Career

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I have been working in film industry for 15 years. I first started as a film student at a technical college learning how to make films in 2004 in Copenhagen, Denmark. I occasionally did act in my own student films. That’s how my acting career began. It’s also when my passion for acting formed. So, after many years working in front of a camera, I think it’s time that I will share and give you some advice on how to start your acting career.

Below are 5 tips on how to start your acting career:

  1. If you had no experience at all and had never been to drama school, you could just jump right in by working as a background artiste to just get started. Many actors do, actually, start off as extras. You get the real, practical, on-set experience you need than if you just sit in an acting class. But working as an extra may not be for everyone since people might not take you seriously and many other things as well. You could try to work as an extra for just a few jobs, or just a short period of time, just to see how it goes and to get some traditional on-set experience. If it’s something really not for you, you can always quit.
  2. While you are working as a movie extra try to save some money to attend acting classes to improve your acting skills, if you really want to pursue your acting career. Don’t quit your day job yet either because there’s no guarantee of regular work working as a background artiste, which is self-employed job. You can’t really make money working as an extra. It’s simple enough to kick-start your acting career as an extra. But it doesn’t last. There’s a lot of downtime. Even working actors also have a lot of downtime. Uncertainty is a big part of this industry. You don’t have to do any acting either. So, if you want to do some actual acting work, this may not be the path you should take.
  3. Always look for ways to get more auditions and castings, and to improve your acting skills.
  4. Be polite, respectful, and professional at all times. Good behaviour always goes a long way.
  5. Networking, networking, networking!

That’s it for now.

Watching Sci-fi Film

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I was focusing on revising my drama screenplay “Lost Son,” then the lights suddenly went out not long ago. I couldn’t edit my script when there’s so little light since it’s not good for my eyes. I must then watch a film instead. I have always wanted to see “Blade Runner 2049.” So I must take this opportunity to watch it. But I’m not sure if I could watch it till the end tonight. I have to get up early tomorrow to do lots of things, and to continue to rewrite my drama manuscript. This film is very long, by the way. So I’m not sure if I could manage to finish it tonight. I will begin to watch it, anyway. Then I will see how far I can go.

I love sci-fi movies besides horror and comedy, and sometimes drama and romance. I just like watching good films. That’s all. I have seen lots of sci-fi films. I even consider making sci-fi films in the future myself. I have a strong interest in science, computer games (although I don’t play games that much since I’m not that young no more), past & future, time travel, mystery, and the like. I think, it’s quite interesting how we utilise our imagination to the fullest extent to visualize how it would be like if there is another world like us, another dimension, another galaxy, another life, etc. Or maybe, there is heaven & hell even. The possibilities are endless when we don’t really know whether the things we envision actually exist or not. It just remains a mystery for years to come or, perhaps, for eternity.

That’s why the unknown just fascinates me to some degree. Do we never get to know the answers? How long do we have to wait and do the research until we unlock the truth? Or maybe, it is best that way that we know nothing about the things we don’t know.


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I have been stalking by my neighbours for the past 1-2 years, especially during summertime because it’s warm, so they can just open their terrace doors and come outside to stand and stare at me constantly without giving a damn how I would feel! Their flats are just the opposite mine. So they can just look right through my windows. One of them is white, which I’m not sure if he’s white British or not, he even lives with his girlfriend or wife. But he doesn’t care. He just stalks me when she doesn’t see. But he slows down a little bit after I have given him a stern look a few times lately. But in the past, he even called his friend that I am now coming out of my flat and standing on my balcony. He said it out loud, as if he didn’t think I could speak and understand English. When he saw me walking down the road passing his flat, he would come out and stare at me as if I am not human or something. I have no feeling whatsoever. He made me feel like a sex object in broad daylight, right in front of my face. I almost cried. Often time, I was thinking to go over to his flat and tell him to stop stalking me. But since now he doesn’t seem to stalk me that much anymore, so I put that idea on hold for now.

But another male neighbour – who looks Chinese or Vietnamese or Thai, but he looks Chinese to me – he still continues to stalk me and it’s getting worse and worse. Recently, I even saw him open his terrace door and take pictures of me or film me. The first few times I saw it, I thought maybe I was paranoid. So I didn’t think anything serious about it. Also, as soon as he saw me see him doing it, he would then point his mobile phone that he used to take pictures of me or film me to another direction instead pretending he’s filming the nature, the garden, and things like that not me. But 2 weeks ago, he did take pictures of me or film me again while I was cooking dinner in my flat. I then gave him the finger! When he saw me giving him the finger, he stopped taking pictures of me or filming me and walked away.

It was the last straw. I then called the police right away. The police arrived and promised me to go talk to the male. But before they left, one of the police officers, who was female, saw my fish sauce in my open kitchen, she then asked me where I’m from, how long I have been living in UK, what I do for a living, and so on. When I told her that her questions seem irrelevant to the matter, she replied that she just wanted to know so that she could put it in the report. After the police left, I didn’t see them going over to the male’s flat to ask him as they promised me. But I could be wrong. After that day, the man still continues to stalk me as usual. I mean, if the police did actually speak to him, he would be scared and stop doing what he’s doing. So how come he still carries on to stalk me – nothing has changed. Tomorrow, if I see him stalk me again I will go over and speak to him myself. I will also report him to the neighbourhood team, to make them aware of the situation.

The reason why I blog about it is that to make people aware of that this is one of the main reasons why many victims in sexual assault cases do not want to come forward or report the offenders since they fear nobody would believe them anyway. The result would then be that they end up embarrassing themselves for reporting the crime in the first place. Some who are very vulnerable could even wind up committing suicide because of shame, and also because they are being victimised further by others who do not want or refuse to believe them. I will therefore encourage all victims to come forward no matter what. If you do not speak up for yourself, you let the culprits continue to do what they want as long as no one dares to speak up.

Photo from last year.

Notting Hill

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I rarely go to Notting Hill. But today, I had something to do around the area, so I just walked around Portobello Road Market for a short while. Then I saw this shop (photo below) that was the same shop used in the film Notting Hill, which Hugh Grant was the owner of it in the film. I then needed to take a photo of it. It’s now a gift shop. Or, maybe it’s always a gift shop and they just changed it into a bookstore in the film. I don’t know. Anyway, it’s the first time that I noticed this shop in Portobello Road. Maybe because I usually go to Portobello Road during the weekends when it’s busy and there’s a lot of stalls and people. So, you can’t really see this shop. Today is Tuesday, so it’s quiet in Portobello Road, therefore I saw this shop for the first time. It felt quite special when I walked past the shop since I could recognise it from the film Notting Hill. The film is a classic. You can watch it again and again. I think.

The Travel Bookshop from the film Notting Hill.

Drama Screenplay: Lost Son

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I have been working all day long. Now I will take a break for a little while before I start revising my drama screenplay “Lost Son.” Or, I will watch a movie, to relax and chill out to regain my energy. What a day. I can see, I really need to take a time out. I just have to be careful tonight, though, that I won’t be working too late. I need a good sleep as well. I’m still a little tired from going to bed late last night. So working too much doesn’t really help if you’re exhausted, and the thing you want to get it done is still undone. So I’d better get enough rest, so that I can continue to work more effectively.

This drama script is also very unique, just in a different way from my horror short “Blood Type O.” But they are equally original since they are both based on true events. That’s why I enjoy writing both screenplays because I know the stories well. I just write what I know and nothing more. So, everything that happens in the plots of these 2 manuscripts is mostly true. I can’t reveal that much of the plot of my drama manuscript at the moment. It’s best to keep it under wraps for now. I’m just so excited to continue to work on it right after my horror short filmmaking project is over. I get a feeling, it will be a good screenplay. A good script produces a good film – most of the time. You can’t really go wrong with that. I have also now learned almost all aspects of filmmaking from my 2 previous shorts I have made so far, and plus I am an actor myself working on sets now and again, so I am certain that my future filmmaking projects will be better and easier to execute.

An example of a screenplay.

Final Revision

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I will do a final revision of my drama spec script today “Lost Son.” I want to make sure everything looks good before I decide to take it to the next level which is, perhaps, to turn it into a feature-film. My filming project of the horror short “BTO” is almost over. So today, I think I have time to go over my feature-length screenplay one last time. When I have time, I have to work on my other projects as well – just to utilise my time to the fullest extent. Today is Monday, thus I will be very busy. I have to work as well. Then, when I come home I have to edit my drama manuscript and do lots of things. I sleep very little now, maybe about 4-5 hours a day. Well, it’s still enough. You have to sleep at least 6 hours per day. So 4-5 hours a day is still not bad. I wish, we had 48 hours a day. Then I think I can achieve more. 24 Hours a day is nothing when you are busy.

After I finish the rewrite of my drama screenplay, I will also continue with my new project which is to turn it into a novel as well. That’s why I need to completely finalise my drama script first before I can move on to the next activity. The prospect of writing my first novel fills me with thrill. So much that it makes me want to get up in the middle of the night and work on the idea, which I did yesterday till late night. I think I went to bed around 2 am this morning. I think that’s the way it should be. You have to fall in love with your plan since it awakens your interest to a degree that you can’t ignore. You just want to bring it to life as soon as possible.

From last year.