Writing And Acting Classes

It was very useful attending both writing and acting classes yesterday. I learned a lot. I think. Attending acting class also makes me write my screenplay better. When I know what actors want to achieve in a given scene, what and how they do physically or psychologically to achieve that, and all of many other things that actors do and react to the other characters, I can then aim to write my script the way that actors would best understand my vision and what it is I want them to create. I just discovered yesterday while I was in the acting class that it was also beneficial to my writing.

After the acting class, I continued to writing class. It wasn’t a real writing class. It’s just a class that writers and actors meet to read the scripts together and give each other some critiques what need to be improved, removed, added, altered, and so on. It was really helpful, indeed. I brought the first 10-page of my screenplay with me, to give out to actors and writers to read out loud. After that they gave me some constructive feedback. It was very valuable. Now I know what I have to remove from my script, what to add, make some adjustment that will make my screenplay a good read and a good script as much as possible. I wouldn’t be able to know all that if no-one reads my script and gives me the fruitful comment.

And when the actors read my script I know what certain characters in my screenplay sound like when they are actually being performed. So, it gives me so much insight in that respect as well. I couldn’t be more happy that I attended the class. It was definitely the right thing to do. I thought my first 10-page was perfect. But after yesterday, I gained more understanding of it that there are some elements that need to be fine-tuned.

I can’t say that much about the plot until the script is done and being made into a movie. But, I can say one thing: It will be a very unique story, cinematic, maybe a bit controversial, and similar. It’s a very bold screenplay which is a risk I take, but for a good reason. My goal is to bring something new into British film industry. Something no-one, perhaps, has never done before.

Below is just a short scene from my script:

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