Working on My Screenplay

I am working on my feature length screenplay at the moment. I will see how much I can get it done tonight and tomorrow. Because, next week I will be busy again. So, I will need to get as much done as possible since I don’t have much time to complete it. I want to finish my feature length screenplay first before I start filming my short sci-fi film Final Day since I will be busy promoting the film, send it to film festivals, and so on, then I won’t have time to write a feature length screenplay. Not after some time. So, it’s best that I get it out of the way now. Then, I can start shooting my feature film right after I finish filming the short film since I already have the script ready to shoot. 

I’m so excited with my feature length screenplay. I have a feeling, it’ll be good. I can reveal a little bit that it’s not on IMDb, yet. It’s not The Existence movie either that I have already listed on IMDb. It’s a completely different genre. But, it’s still based on a true story. I can’t tell that much for now. I want the plot to be totally unknown to anyone. I have written its outline already. Tonight, I will go through the outline and write the treatment for it, to see if it sounds interesting. If I read the treatment and it doesn’t entertain me then I’ll have to rewrite until it does. If I don’t find it riveting myself I can’t write the whole screenplay. It has to really sing and dance. So, the treatment is a way to prove to myself that my concept works. 

I was ready to shoot my short film because I’ve already written the script for it. But since I want to finish my feature length screenplay first then I have to wait to film it. When I have a finished feature length screenplay in my hand I can start the filming process – both for the short and feature films. Then I don’t have to worry about anything, or that I still have the whole feature length screenplay to complete. I can just continue to shoot the feature film right after if I want to.

Well, now I will start working on my feature length screenplay straight away. 

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