Totally Awake

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It’s almost midnight. But I’m totally awake. I don’t feel that tired. Anyway, I think it’s good. Then I can just continue to work on the things that need to be done. I tell myself not to work too much and go to bed late. But I sometimes end up working too much anyway. As a writer and filmmaker, you automatically work constantly even when you should relax. There are always new ideas that pop up in your mind, new dialogues or scenes which you have just thought of that need to add to the script, new plots and stories for your next screenplays, and so on. These things need to be written down immediately, as soon as I have them in my head. Otherwise, I would forget them. Then that unique stories may never be discovered and told. That’s why I always have my notebook or my mobile by my bedside table at all times, just so that I can jot down new ideas and input as soon as they occur in my mind. I am passionate about writing. So whatever instantaneously materialises in my mind which can make my stories or plots more captivating and entertaining, I will write it down right away before it’s gone forever. It’s a valuable source of my stories which I can’t let it disappear for good. That’s how a writer works, I think. You capture everything and anything that could be a good or even essential addition to your stories or plots. It’s my job as a writer to discover exciting, unique tales to tell and tell it well.

Luckily, my horror short “Blood Type O” is based on a true event that I already know. So, it’s easy enough for me to write the script without pondering too much what I should write about. Personally, I do not believe in superstition. But sometimes strange things do happen that are unexplainable why and how they arise. So I’m just so glad that I decided to tell this story “BTO” in a film form to reveal one of the mysteries in this world and beyond, which we may never know the answers to them.

Photo from last year.

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