Time’s Up UK Meeting

I just got home from a Time’s Up meeting group. It was good to finally attend the meeting. I was supposed to be attending the previous meeting last year as well. But I had to be on set, so I missed the meeting. We talked about many useful things, for example:

  • How to increase the number of female writers and directors in production companies
  • How agents can play a vital part in it
  • Equal payments for all
  • How to get help with sexual harassment, discrimination, abuse, and so on, in the workplace
  • The #4PercentChallenge
  • And more

So, I’m glad, I could attend the meeting this time, to talk about these topics and how we can get our messages across and be heard. It’s exactly what I need right now. It’s really helpful when you are serious about your work and get to meet like-minded people, to share the experience, knowledge, and support each other. There are lots of different groups from Time’s Up, including sub-groups. So, there are some other groups that I may join next time.

We held the meeting at BFI.

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