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The First 10 Pages of My Screenplay

I will try to write the first 10 pages of my screenplay today. Ideally, I should start working on my script right when I got up this morning when my mind was still crystal clear. But because I had lots of things to do. So, I must prioritise my tasks and did what were more important first. I also have a cold, which I fight really hard to get well as soon as possible since I can’t afford to be sick. So I drink lots of tea, water, and take some medicine for the cold. It does help to some extent. Now, I feel much better. Just not quite. I will not begin to practise my monologues today. I will wait and see tomorrow first since the cold has affected my voice to some degree. So my voice doesn’t sound that good at the moment.

I wanted to complete the first 10 pages of my screenplay yesterday. But because I was so sick, so I couldn’t concentrate. Since I feel much better today, I will try to complete the first 10 pages today. Just write and write. Then, I will re-read and edit the grammar tomorrow. Today is about getting the first 10 pages done.

The video below is not the feature film that I am writing the manuscript for it at the moment. It’s a sci-fi horror film. The script I am working on now is a drama. I just feel so strongly about it, which makes me want to write this drama feature-length screenplay first. And I know the story so well that I almost don’t need to write an outline or a treatment for it. I just feel, it’s going to be a very interesting movie. Therefore I want to work on it first.

After the first 10 pages, I should have a pretty good sense of how I think it’s going to be: good or bad? If my instinct tells me this is going to be a very entertaining, sensational movie I will start planning the production process now, start promoting, getting fund, looking for cast & crew, and so on. I just can visualise it that this is a movie that is going to stand out. So I have to focus 100% on it, to really make it a movie to remember. I just have to trust myself that I can do it.

The story is already captivating. My job is to write a compelling plot, make a good movie out of it which can be very challenging, but I am very confident about that I can do it, get people to see it, and more.

My upcoming horror feature film teaser “The Existence.”

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