The End

Just finished filming the final movie, to end my job as a background artiste and start a new chapter of my life in which I will only focus on working as an actress – no more background works. I will quit working as a background artiste for good this time. So, it’s a great movie to be involved in for the last time. Well, I mean as a background artiste. I want to take my acting career seriously. So, I have decided not to work as a background artiste anymore. And for many reasons as well, not just that I want to be an actor. I don’t feel embarrassed telling people I work as a background artiste. People have to start from somewhere. It’s been an amazing ride for the past 14 years, though. I think, I have learned a lot which is also useful for my career as a filmmaker.

It’s been an incredible experience to be a part of something unique and exciting and meet some wonderful, interesting, professional people. And I am grateful to some for believing in me. It doesn’t require a lot of people to believe in you – maybe just one person is enough, especially if that person has a prominent role. Then, anybody else who worked for him didn’t believe in me, I didn’t really care.

I was very impressed by his ability to see the potential in each individual. Not many people have that types of skill and insight. No wonder he does what he does since this type of profession requires someone with exceptional people skills and someone who is insightful. So, I feel lucky that I have met and worked with someone so creative and imaginative like him.

As Lady Gaga said below, which I couldn’t agree more because it’s just so true, and because it is how I also feel:

Credit: The Muse
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