Stay Away From Negative People

I try to keep myself away from people that thrive on schadenfreude at all costs, which is one of the things that keeps me being positive and outgoing at all time. So, it does help. Being around negative people all the time can really have a bad impact on me. And I don’t want that no more. So, by staying away from negative people I feel so relief. And that the world is a beautiful place to live and everything is possible. I want to treat people with respect the way I want to be treated myself.

I have now written my screenplay to page 40. I need to write 10 more pages or something like that. Then, I will have finished part 1 of Act 2 of my script. When I focus more on writing without any distraction I tend to achieve what I want to achieve. Now, I need to take a little break, have some snack, then I am ready to continue to write 10 more pages. After that, I will go to bed. My mission is then accomplished for today.

From last spring at the park near my place.

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