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Snack Time

I don’t know what to eat for snack. So I just have onion rings and ice cream. I always have them in my freezer, just in case. They can come in handy in situation like this, when I work all day on my script and don’t feel like cooking. My freezer is not that big. So I can’t stock a lot of fast food. When you write constantly, you don’t want to spend too much time cooking. It can be time consuming. You will want to spend every minute of your precious time writing, and to complete your project as soon as possible. So, standing and preparing food in the kitchen for hours is not something I feel like doing for now. If I could save lots of time to work on my screenplay I would. Therefore, even though I love cooking, I don’t make food that often anymore, I buy takeaway, eat out, or eat fast food like this instead. I know it’s not healthy. But just for the time being. When my work is over (finishing the screenplay), I can start spending quality time cooking good food for myself again. Now I will continue to work on my drama screenplay. I really hope I can finish it today.

I love writing. As soon as I start writing again, I feel good. As I write, I imagine that the story comes to life, as if I watch the actual film before my eyes. If it feels real to me, then I can better write it entertainingly. I have a good feeling about this drama screenplay since every word, every scene, every character, and so on, are authentic or 90% of it because it is based on a true story. And I am so emotional when I write it because I know what happened. And that’s why I know it’s a good, unique, and original story that needs to be told. I therefore HAVE to finish it. I will do whatever I can to complete it. I can visualise it already as a movie. I think, it will be a good film to watch.

Vanilla ice cream with jam on top.
Onion Rings. My snack and dessert between writing.

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