Showreel, Showreel, Showreel!

Another busy day. I am trying to gather cast & crew ready for the shoot of my short film as soon as possible. I’m getting there. I plan to shoot this weekend. But then, it’s Easter. Most people won’t be available this weekend, and, perhaps, the beginning of next week as well. I might have to start filming at the end of next week instead. In the meantime, I’m still looking for cast & crew continuously. It’s a hard work trying to assemble all people, even though it’s just a short film. What if it’s a feature film? So it’s good that I’m preparing myself for a feature film project by making short films. You can only learn by doing and creating things.

I’m so excited with my short horror film project “Blood Group O” that I’m constantly sorting through applications, replying, watching their showreels, reading their CVs, and so on. I read every submission and see every reel. It also gives me a good experience and knowledge in terms of how you market yourself effectively as an actor. After going through all the actors’ profiles on Spotlight, Mandy, Shooting People, and the like, I see some actors do know how to promote themselves and some not. Or some who are not, maybe because they are not serious enough.

As a casting director for my own short film, I do want to see that actors have showreels or voice reels, but showreel is preferable since I can see how you act in front of a camera, your facial expressions, emotions, interactions with other actors, and many more. So, showreel is a must if you’re a serious actor and want to be seen as such. Headshot is also as important as showreel, including full figure photo. All in all, there should be about 5 photos on your acting profile showing different photos in different expressions, outfits, postures, etc. But of course, two main images are essential: One headshot and one full body. Some have a long list of stage performances, short films, commercials, have been to drama schools and all that. But, there is not even a single showreel to be seen on their profiles?! It’s not a normal 9-5 job application, which a CV with a long list of experience is enough. It’s an acting job. And what do people associate acting with: Motion picture, or, a visual presentation/moving picture showing them that you can act or do some acting.

I will take a break now before I start going through the applications again.

Wimbledon Common

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