Reading My Script

I start reading and analysing my script tonight, to revise it one last time looking for errors, incorrect grammar, boring scenes and language, etc. Then, I’m done! I will not spend more time on it. This week is the final revision of my screenplay, so that I can move on! I am drinking Singha beer while I’m going through my manuscript. I drink beer because tonight is more of a reading of the script and taking note of the things I want to adjust. I will not write anything tonight. Therefore I allow myself to drink beer since I will not use much of my brain to rewrite the script tonight. And a glass of cold beer is to celebrate the completion of my script. Although it’s only a halfway through. But at least the first draft is now done. And that’s half the success already. I am so happy now that the majority of the screenplay is complete. I have to finish it fast before I’m getting too busy and don’t have time to finalise it. So, tonight, I might go to bed late. Because, I might be in the mood to rescript it later on tonight. But that can only be a good thing. Then, my screenplay will be finished faster. I so look forward to starting the making of the film myself. So, the quicker I finish the script, the sooner I can begin to shoot the film. That’s one of my motivations to polish off the screenplay as soon as possible.

I conceal the title for now since I’m not completely done with my screenplay, yet.

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