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Racist Theme

My screenplay and movie (If I’m going to make the movie myself) will have a racist sub-theme as well. I think, it is important that we talk more about this subject because although we are in the year of 2019, but racism doesn’t go anywhere. It’s still very much present. I think racism is unacceptable in the modern world we live in today. And many deem that, too. Think BlacKkKlansnan and Green Book movies, for instance. Both movies try to send a message out that racism is still very much alive today. That we all should be aware of it and help each other get rid of it since racism doesn’t belong anywhere in the modern times.

Racism prevents people to come and work together, to create something good together. It generates a bad atmosphere and a negative working environment. It makes people hate each other for no reason. And many more. It’s a global problem that still pesters us. Today, the world has become more connected, partly because people have the means to travel around the globe more, and partly because of social media which I believe plays a part in it, too. So everything has become more and more international and diverse, which is a good thing because we can then learn from each other’s differences and utilize each other’s knowledge to move the world forward, and to make the world a better place for everyone to live.

And one of the best mediums to get this message across, I think, is through movies. So, if you can make something as entertaining and as educational at the same time then it’s even better. Then, people will enjoy the movie and learn something constructive at once. And that’s what I try to incorporate in my movie as well. But, it’s a drama which contains some serious and emotional themes and scenes, so I can’t make it as fun as BlacKkKlansnan. It’s a completely different movie, but with similar theme. Racism in my movie is a sub-theme or sub-plot; in BlacKkKlansnan is the main theme or plot.

And this film is distributed by Universal Pictures. What an irony!

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