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Performing at Theatre Deli

I did a one-woman show last night at Theatre Deli in London yesterday. It was a “Don’t Judge me by my Accent – Performance Night” for both British and foreign performers. So each artiste got to act and show their unique accent to the audience; the accent that is part of their identity which defies who they are. I think, it’s an excellent idea. Therefore I joined them as well. It went very well. I could perform confidently without fearing that people would find my accent sound bizarre. And also because my accent is a mixture of Thai, Danish, and British/American English.

This is the thing that I think the “audio-diversity” should be included in the entertainment industry as well. No one can speak perfect British or American accent, unless they are natives. Or, they happen to be good at it or have trained and trained or have British or American partner or friends that they can practise the accent with on a daily basis. Other than that many are struggling with mastering the flawless British or American accent. Think about how many of real talents we might have lost if we only focused on actors who excel themselves in British or American accent.

And as I said yesterday in my previous blog post that I messed up with my camera’s functions and didn’t realise it. So I gave my camera to one of the organisers to record my performance. And the result was a very dark video. Although I tried to brighten it up as much as I could with Adobe Premiere Pro, it still doesn’t look that good. Maybe slightly better. You can watch the video below and see it for yourself how bad the quality was:

Performing my one-woman show last night at Theatre Deli, the show was a short scene taken from my own drama screenplay that I have just finished, which went very well. I think 🙂

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