Passionate About My Work

I don’t know if I want to go to bed now or work on my screenplay? I start going to bed quite early at the moment, so that I can get up early and start working on my script. Right now, I work best in the morning. Beforetime, I liked working on my manuscript at night, and sometimes even till the sun came up. Now, my mind works best in the morning.

But tonight since I am free all day tomorrow, which I hope, I may want to work on my screenplay until late because I can wake up whenever I want tomorrow. Or, I just go to bed now and start working on my manuscript very early in the morning instead. I stand up at 6am every day now. I just can’t wait to continue to work on my script since I am almost done with it. So, I’m just too excited to finally complete it.

And also, I have lots of projects lining up. I have many good ideas and stories in my head that I want to turn into screenplays and movies. Therefore I want to get this one script done asap, then I can move on to the next projects. But I also have to work, to make a living. I don’t have the luxury to just stay home and write all day long. And that’s why my screenplay takes a little longer to finish. But I will finalise it, at long last. And it must be soon.

This screenplay is something personal to me. So I feel, it’s my onus to complete it – no matter what. I therefore work really hard to write a good script. Nothing can stop me now. I really, really hope, it will be this week that I can finally complete it. I know, I have been saying this for some time now that I will finish my screenplay tomorrow or this week. And I’m still not get it done up till now. But, things happen and I also have to work. Anyway, I won’t let any snags hinder my goal of being accomplished. I am determined to finish this screenplay, so I must follow through and get it done.

From Brighton last spring 2018.

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