My Script is Almost Done

I stood up around 5:30am this morning and began to work on my script straight away. I couldn’t wait to complete my screenplay as soon as possible, so I started working on it as soon as the sun came up. Now, I have written to around page 90. Not so many pages left now before I can type FADE OUT, at long last. I have a few meetings today. But as soon as I am home again, I will try to finish the screenplay today! I only need about 10-15 more pages now. And that will be about 100 pages or more of the whole script. And that’s it. No more.

Because, when I revise it there may be something I will amplify or delete. But, I’m pretty sure, I will add more details to most of the scenes since I just write quickly and only the key elements are on the script. But even only that, the screenplay contains about 90 pages already. If I then, actually, developed some scenes in further detail it would then be more than 100 pages or so, or, it might add up to exactly 120 pages. So, if I only managed to write 10 more pages today, then it’s ok. I will not work more on it. I will then continue with the next phase which is the rewriting. I just have to move on quickly now if I want to complete my screenplay asap. There’s no time for a lengthy piece of work if it’s not that necessary. Getting it done is more essential.

From last spring.

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