My Full Time Job

I’m taking a break from revising my screenplay a little bit. I may continue tonight. Or, I may watch a good movie instead and resume the revision tomorrow. Or, I just go to bed early instead. Because now, I like working on my script early in the morning. The more early, the better. Sometimes, as early as 3am or something like that. I work full time on my screenplay. It’s like a normal full time job for me. So, if I didn’t have to go anywhere I would work on my screenplay from around 7:00 – 15:00 – just like a 9-5 job. After that, I am free to do something else. The same like getting off from work. I would set the alarm clock at between 2 – 4pm to remind me to get off from work or stop writing. I don’t want to conjecture when I have to cease since it may cause me to work too much or too little. I want to treat it as if it’s my full time job. So, I have to find a way to discipline myself. I don’t even watch TV anymore. If I want to finish my first screenplay I have to sacrifice a lot. And I am willing to do that.

Right now, I am going through my primary characters to study each of them one last time, to really get to know them. Just interview each of them. I will then use that knowledge to make them more interesting. I will devote the whole day tomorrow to do just that, I think. Then, probably, by the end of this week, I may be able to finish the redraft. Can’t wait to finally complete it.

Last fall.

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