My First Draft is Complete

I am now done with the first rough draft of my screenplay. What a relief! Tonight, I will begin to tweak it right away. I have no time to waste now if I want my script to be completely done this week. Maybe just the first 10 pages. Because, tomorrow, I have to attend the writing group again. I can then show my group the first edited 10 pages, so that they can compare it with last time when I initially gave them to read my original first 10 pages.

It’s the same group again. So, I’m looking forward to hearing their new feedback this time. Therefore, I have to finish revising the first 10 pages tonight. And maybe tomorrow as well if I couldn’t finish the rewrite tonight. But, I have lots of things to do tomorrow. I planned to do them today. But I decided to wait until tomorrow instead, so that I could finalise my first draft which turned out to be a good idea. Because, my first rough draft is now complete. I think, it’s better that I finish editing the first 10 pages tonight. Tomorrow, I will be busy with lots of things. I won’t have time to revise it before I attend the writing group.

But I also feel like watching a good film now. I have been working all day long, to really finish the first draft. Now, I need a break. But I will not leave a gap in between anyway. I will try to start correcting the first 10 pages now and see how long it will take. It may not take that long. Then, I can watch a movie after that. I feel like seeing a comedy or a romance. I have been working on my drama script constantly which many scenes are rather emotional. So I need to take time out from my script and experience something new: A feel good movie that makes me laugh, perhaps.

A short scene from one of the main characters.

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