My Coming-Of-Age Drama Film

I haven’t blogged for a while – been busy with lots of different things. One of the things is that I start preparing for the making of my upcoming feature film, which I have just finished writing the screenplay. I’m pretty sure that I will make the film myself. But only if I could get a fund for it. If not, then I have to sell the script instead. And the movie is a coming-of-age drama which takes place in modern-day Britain. It’s based on a true story that happened in Thailand.

But since it is a low-budget indie film I will have to make it here in UK instead, using actors in UK. It will be a mixture of performers from various nationalities. I want this project to reflect diversity and equality in the workplaces as much as possible. And the best way to encourage others to assimilate the idea is to start doing it myself. And not only that, as I said earlier in my previous blogs that I also want to include more and more women in the organisations as much as possible, therefore I only want to hire female film crew – or hire 50% women and 50% men for the film crew. So nobody’s being left out.

As the film’s setting is Britain in present day – London to be precise. So I want it to be relevant and current and communicate cultural differences. And since it’s a coming-of-age film, I have to bone up on how today’s teenagers talk, language or slangs that they use, and their lifestyle, for instance. I also have to conduct lots of researches for my film. That’s why I devote most of my time to do just that and many other things that I need to do as well. Therefore I haven’t blogged much lately. In the end, I hope all the hard, untold work I have done for my upcoming film pays off.

This will be my first feature-length screenplay and feature film that I write and, possibly, make it myself. I want to be a self-made woman; I don’t want to wait for the opportunity to come to me, or wait for others to give me the chance to do something. I will stop waiting for the opportunity to come and knock on my door. I will try to create something myself instead and see how it goes.

I have been working in film industry for 15 years now. In retrospect, think about all the things I could have been producing in all the years. It took me many years before it begins to dawn on me: Why don’t I just start creating something myself? The realisation is a sheer delight. I’m just so excited that I’m about to embark on the making of my first feature film on my own. Again, only if I could get a fund for it. And I will play one of the main characters, too.

Photo from last autumn.

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