Home Sweet Home

Home again. Good to be back home. Although I am not home that much lately. Tomorrow, I will be out again and won’t be home until very late, more late than today. The day after tomorrow as well. After this blog post, I might go straight to bed to get some sleep because tomorrow will be a very long, hard day. The same on Sunday. So I have to make sure I get enough rest. I bought a Chinese takeaway for my lunch at the acting class. But I only ate a little bit of it. When I got home I tried to finish it. But I couldn’t. I was too tired to eat. Even though I was hungry. But never mind, I can always save it for tomorrow. Maybe, I will eat the leftover when I come home again tomorrow as a late-night meal.

I went to a writer meetup group today without bringing the copies of my screenplay with me because my printing machine isn’t working properly. I then tried to download my script from the screenwriting software website that I use, so that I could print it out at the school instead. But then I couldn’t download it with my tablet. I clicked and clicked on the download button, but nothing had been downloaded. So I didn’t have the copies of my manuscript to give out to others to read and give me feedback. What a shame. I was working hard last night and went to bed late to revise my screenplay, so that it would be ready for today to bring it to the writer group. All my effort to revise my screenplay last night ready for today was in vain. Oh well, I will try to find some people I can trust to read it instead.

After this blog post, I can’t go to bed right away anyway. Now I remember that I have another writing assignment to do. The deadline is getting closer and closer. So I have to start working on it tonight since this weekend I will be too busy and too tired to work on it. So I have to write whenever I have an empty slot of time to do so. Maybe I will work on it for a few hours tonight. Then tomorrow, I reread it. When I come home again tomorrow night, I edit it. Then Sunday morning, I go through it one more time. Then hopefully, by Sunday, I will be finished with it. After I have been writing for some time and almost every day, both by blogging and writing my screenplays, I can work on a writing commission faster. It’s such a good training in writing, indeed.

From last year.

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