High Concept Screenplays

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I believe my screenplays are both high concept: Blood Type O (Short script. But I’ve also already written its feature-length first draft. It just needs to be revised first.) and a feature-length drama screenplay about a rebellious young man, which I keep it to myself for the time being. The reason I think they are high concept because they are original since they are based on true stories. But also because they hit most of the points that make them high concept which are:

  • Original premises: Both of my screenplays have unique premises since they are based on true events.
  • Creative twist endings: Both of my screenplays have surprise endings.
  • Appeal to almost everyone – young and adult – since they have universal themes. For example, “Blood Type O” embodies the themes of death, fear, survival, confinement, escape, and love. Then my feature-length drama screenplay personalises family & social issues, hope, revenge, coming of age, for instance.
  • They are not necessarily high-budget films: Both of my scripts are intentionally written to be made with low budgets because I, possibly, will make the films myself.
  • They have box-office potential, although they are not high-budget films.
  • They are not automatically character driven stories. “Blood Type O” is plot driven story, which many horror movies are plot driven stories. But my feature-length drama script is a character driven story.
  • Can be pitched in one sentence: Blood Type O – a London woman has contracted a severe malaria and is dying, unless she gets blood type O for exchange transfusion within 24 hours. Lost Son (the title for my feature-length drama manuscript for now) – a rebellious small town young man whose life is turned upside-down by his dominating father.
  • Blood Type O uses a ticking clock plot device, which is 24 hours for the short film and 48 hours for the feature film.
  • And many more.

So I am pretty certain that my screenplays are, probably, high concept. That’s why I write, direct, and act in the films myself as well, to really have a full control of the directions of the films. I just like writing screenplays with high concepts, basically just to surprise and challenge myself how I am going to come up with a shocking twist. But the twist endings in these 2 screenplays (the horror and the drama), which I am working on now, are true. They are not something that I make up, just to create surprise endings.

I read a lot of screenplays. I also print out my own scripts to read and analyse before I make the revisions and rewrite them. I have therefore lots of manuscripts stacking up around my flat.

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