Happy Birthday to Me

I forgot my birthday is 27 January which was two weeks ago. Well, I didn’t really forget it. I just don’t, actually, celebrate my birthday. So, for me, every day is the same. This year looks promising for me. I think. First of all, I am determined to quit working as a background artiste for good. Second of all, I will start working hard to make my dreams as an actress, writer & director come true. So, for me, getting older means I have become more decisive, more hard working, more positive about my future, and just go for it.

Life is full of possibilities and surprises. One thing leads to another. You never know what’s in store for you. So I just have to enjoy life to the full and be optimistic. And everything will be ok. So, this year, I will do whatever I can to achieve my goals and forget about how difficult it will be. When I have reprogrammed my mind to think enthusiastically about my future I enjoy every step I take to reach my objectives. Every action I make to move myself closer to my goals is an adventure in itself. And I feel, I have moved forward – even if just a little.

Today, I continued to work on my feature-length drama screenplay since I stood up. And I am almost done with the first half of the script, which is about 50-60 pages. I will just write and write and try to make it to the end. I will see, if I will be able to type FADE OUT today. So, after this blog post, I will work non-stop to be able to achieve that. Even if it means I may have to work until the sun comes up.

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