Drama Screenplay

Today’s the day that I will complete my feature-length drama screenplay, finally. I already know where I’m going with it regarding the climax and the end. So, I don’t have to ponder about it that much. Therefore, 10 more pages today for the climax and the resolution/realization or Act 3 will not take me that long to write. What a relief. I am totally done with it. I so look forward to revising it soon. Then, I will start selling it or looking for a producer or just producing the movie myself. So, I have plan A, B, C, and so on, for this script. It’s good to have thought about what I am gonna do with it before I even start writing it. Then I know precisely where and how to go after my goals once the screenplay is complete. And that’s when the fun part begins after the script is done, ready to be seen and read by potential agents, buyers, producers, actors, studios, etc. Can’t wait!

After this blog post, I will go out again for another meeting/networking. I don’t know when I will be home again, to continue to work on the last bit of my screenplay. But that shouldn’t take long. I have already finished the major part of it. Now, I can just take it easy.

From last year.

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