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An Entertaining Evening

It was an entertaining evening, indeed, at Theatre Delicatessen. I got to perform in front of the audience, to test out my screenplay and my acting skill. It’s not so bad, actually. I think, it went very well. I gave the girl, one of the organisers, my video camera for her to record the show for me, which she kindly did and the videos turned out very dark. It was my fault that I forgot to adjust the camera back to its normal state before I gave it to her. Because, I used the camera to take my selfies indoor about a few days ago, so I messed around with the ISO, Aperture, and so forth. Then I totally forgot to reset it.

She did ask me to just give her my mobile phone to film the play. But then I already bought my camera with me since I wanted better video quality this time. But then it worked totally the opposite, just because I played around with the camera and forgot to check it before leaving home. So I really have to remember next time before I bring my camera anywhere to see if it’s ready to take photos and record videos.

But the host, they did record the videos for all the performances themselves. So they will send me a copy of it within a couple of weeks or so. Thank god. Because, if I could not brighten up my videos then that would be such a shame. I could just let her use my mobile phone to shoot instead. Then I wouldn’t have problem with the ISO, Aperture, and so on. But who knew, it would turn out fruitless. So I have one thing to say to myself if I am going to bring my camera anywhere: Check your camera before you leave home!

But all in all, it was a good evening. Each performer did a very good job. I had a glass of red wine while I was watching the performances. Then I left before all the shows had completely finished because I have an audition this Sunday as well. So I needed to get some rest and stay fresh, so that I would not forget my monologue for the audition. I will practise the monologue again right when I get up in the morning.

A glass of red wine to warm up before the show.
Waiting for my turn to perform at the Theatre Deli last night.

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