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A One Person Show: Nice Dinner

I just finished making a one person show and posted on YouTube. It’s just a test one, to try it out first how it goes. I try to make short films more often that I act in it, which could be a solo performance or a normal short film with several actors, so that I get used to doing a one person show and acting. The more you practise, the better. And also to improve my acting skills. I do go to acting class almost every month. But, if I don’t do some training at home as well, all that I have learned will be a waste of time and money. Henceforth, I will try to make some videos at least once or twice a week in which I will do some acting such as a one person show, a short film with other actors. Just to keep rehearsing. Acting is an art: It requires passion, intrinsic interest in it, and regular training and studying. Otherwise, it’s just a dream.

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