A 100-page Outline

Yesterday, I had made an outline of every scene to about 100 pages of my screenplay. I just wrote and wrote whatever came to my mind. Or whatever I could remember since it’s inspired by a true story. It’s not about the correct grammar and good plot at the first phase. It’s about making it to FADE OUT. So when I have made an outline of everything till page 100 or something that’s a good start. If I stopped to wonder what if the whole thing didn’t make sense and the grammar was horrible I might never make it to the end. So I just kept on going. And I did make it to about 100 pages. It’s such a relief.

I did try to finish Act 1 yesterday, but only made it to page 14 or 15. I did write to page 10 or so some days ago. But then, I analysed it and corrected the grammar yesterday which delayed my writing process. And that’s why I could only write 4-5 more pages from the 10 pages yesterday. I also had lots of things to do, such as making self tape auditions, reading the scripts from others to prepare myself for the filming. Yes, I have lots of filming coming up this year. So, there are lots of screenplays to be read all of the sudden. I also attend acting class, which I also need to practise for the workshop as well.

So, it’s not easy to both be a writer and an actress. Especially, it’s my first time trying to finish a feature-length screenplay. I haven’t written that many scripts, yet. So, there are still lots of things to be learned for a new writer like me. I also love reading. I try to finish reading the novels I have bought which I haven’t had time to read them all to the last page. I will try to allocate a few hours or so each day to read books.

The best thing is that I have made an outline of my screenplay to page 100 or so. And plus, I have also written a summary of it. So I know what my story is about exactly and what are the major scenes in it. I don’t want to write a treatment. But now that I have a 100-page outline, I may write a treatment anyway because it’s easier after the outline. But today, I will try to write 10 more pages. Then I will have completed Act 1.

But I’m not sure if I will stop and analyse and correct the grammar after Act 1?, or just continue to write it to FADE OUT? Then I can revise it later when everything is done. Then I don’t have to worry about I still have lots and lots of pages to accomplish. An absolute, crude script is better than no script at all.

I may decide to make the movie out of my own screenplay, once I’m done with the script. So I try to write a low-budget feature film as much as I can.

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