Act 1

I am in the mood for finishing act 1 of my screenplay today. I intended to only write the first 10 pages, but I wrote and wrote on Friday and Saturday last week up to page 12 or 13 anyhow. That’s almost half of the 1 act already which is about 25 pages. I have written half of the 1 act so far. Why not complete it anyway, then? And it would give me a real good sense of the 1 act and how the story would unfold from there. The inciting incident kicks off in act 1 and act 2 begins: the new world.

But I have lots of things to do, including do some shopping. I can’t order grocery online either. There will be no delivery until this Friday everywhere. Maybe I haven’t checked EVERYWHERE, yet. Anyway, I must go out and do some shopping now to get it out of the way. And tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, everything will be closed. So I have no choice but to do some shopping today. And by the time I get back home again, my energy to write may not be at the top as it is now.

I will maybe just go out very quickly and buy anything that I can eat for 3-4 days, just to survive. Then order the grocery online today, to be delivered on Friday. Then I don’t have to spend too much time in the supermarket. Then I will quickly be home again to start writing and finishing act 1, hopefully. I think, I will do that.

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