What A Very Warm Day

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It’s an incredibly warm day today. I need to open one of the doors on my balcony to let the air in. Although, I’m from a warm country myself. But since I have been living in Europe for so long (I’ve been living in Europe almost my whole life.), I can no longer tolerate the heat. This is not that hot, compared to where I’m from. I stock loads of ice cream and ice in my freezer. But I end up just drink only water constantly, to keep myself hydrated throughout the day. If I eat something sweet, it will just make me drink more water. So water is the best solution on the day like this.

I will make my dinner soon. Then, I will see Stranger Things, one of my favourite shows. Eating and watching movie. Just totally chill. I have been busy all day long today, contacting several cast & crew. I finally decide to relax now. I have a busy day and weekend ahead. So right now, I will just find something to entertain myself and Netflix just releases Stranger Things today. What a good timing. So I have to watch it. I like all things supernatural, horror, thriller, and sci-fi. So this film is just so me. I have already finished watching episode 1 of season 3. Now, I look forward to seeing episode 2. I might watch all 8 chapters tonight 😛

Next week, I also have some meetings with potential cast & crew. So everything is moving fast now. I want the film “BTO” to be made asap. So I am very busy at the moment. I also have to go look for locations next week. Initially, I planned to do it today. But I think, it’s more important that I spend more time to find cast & crew first. The locations can always change, to keep everything to the minimal if I can’t really find the ideal settings. I have emailed various places. But up till now, no responses so far. That’s why it’s better that I pay them a visit myself, to actually talk to them face to face. Sometimes, when you meet up personally they tend to respond right away. That’s what I will do next week.

My terrace.

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