New Selfies

I took some new selfies this morning, just for fun. I haven’t used my camera for a long time to take photos. I mainly use my mobile phone to take pictures and selfies. This is the same camera I use to make my YouTube videos. When I want quality videos and images I use actual camera. When I merely take photos for fun I use mobile phone. But only if I have time to edit the photos that I use a real camera, especially when I take indoor photos. I don’t know. My studio has such a bad light. Maybe because there are only two windows/doors (on the balcony) next to each other, and that’s it. No other windows. There are just walls, walls, walls for the rest of the studio. There is a small window in the kitchen, though. But that just doesn’t help much.

But this camera is excellent when I take pictures outdoor. I don’t even need to edit them. They are just perfect straight from the camera. But when I take photos indoor I do need to manipulate them some more because the lighting in my studio isn’t that good. As I mentioned earlier due to limited windows. But I don’t walk around with a big camera in my bag every time I want to take a clear snapshot of myself. I can live with just my mobile phone. But this morning, I was in the mood to use my camera after a long time since I wanted some nice, sharp images. And the result is bad quality images since I took them indoor. Next time, I really have to go outside with my camera and take pictures if I want crisp photos. I think my mobile phone takes even nicer pictures indoor.

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