Spring is Here

Spring has now officially arrived. But of now, the weather looks pretty much the same like winter, except that it’s not that cold. But it still looks dull and cloudy. The sun doesn’t begin to beam yet. I only wait for the sunshine. Everything changes a lot when the sun shines. I think, the sunlight is a metaphor for happiness, new beginning, renewal, possibility, bright future, and many other positive things you can think of. Therefore I always look forward to the summer. The time of year that allows me to walk around the city and go to many places I want to go without thinking of the cold and bad condition. Strolling around town or sitting and picnicking in the park or on the beach under the sun is one of the most enjoyable activities to do during summertime. I wish the sun would always shine throughout the year. But that’s not possible here in Europe. Anyway, summer is not so far away now. So, this will be one of the things I anticipate.

Nice flowers by the road.
Selfie with the stunning blossom.
You will see this flower everywhere from now in UK. It makes the streets look so beautiful and summery.
The trees in front of my village.
In my village.
The park opposite the village.
I love nature.
Good morning!

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