Idyllic Place to Write

I am lucky because where I live is quite quiet and peaceful with lots of trees. And the park is just right across the street. So, it’s a very idyllic place to write, or for a writer to live. And Wimbledon Village is just about 20 – 30 minutes walk away from where I live. But I rarely go to Wimbledon Village. But sometimes I do walk to Wimbledon Common, which is next to Wimbledon Village, to get some exercise and to go sit by the Rushmere Pond watching the birds swooping about above the pond looking for their preys. I do go there a lot in the summer. I just like going to park. It’s just a calm place to relax and enjoy the nature at the same time. I also like the ocean. I wish I lived by the beach. Maybe I will find a place to live by the beach when I get older.

There is Wimbledon Windmill near me as well. Just 10 minutes walk from where I live. I take a walk there once in a while to exercise. But to walk back home again right after would be too quick already, so I sometimes just walk all the way to Wimbledon Common to Rushmere Pond, then back home again. Lots of people around Wimbledon Windmill during summer, some just to take a walk there and enjoy the fresh air & nature, some go there to visit the museum, and some go there to play golf because there’s a golf club next to it as well.

Tonight, I will just continue to work on my screenplay a little bit more. Not too much. Then I will watch some good films before I go to bed.

My studio.
When it snows.
Wimbledon Windmill
Rushmere Pond, Wimbledon Common.

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