I Want to Live in Shoreditch

I like going to Brick Lane, Shoreditch, and the surrounding areas. They are just the trendiest places to live, including Camden. I just want to live in a place where things happen to make me feel alive, honestly! Where I live now it’s also nice. But nothing much is going on. It’s more suitable for a family with kids, I think. Yes, it’s very family friendly because it’s very quiet. Sometimes, too quiet. And there are pubs and something like that. But they are not so hip & trendy. They are more for local people. I want to live somewhere central, multicultural, bohemian, good for eating and going out, cosmopolitan, modern, fashionable, and the like. Therefore I rarely hang out in my own area. Although I live quite close to Wimbledon Village. I prefer to go somewhere else completely different, such as Camden, Shoreditch.

Somewhere near Shoreditch.

King’s Road

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