Steak And wine

Today, I felt like having a steak for dinner with a glass of red wine. So I did. I don’t eat steak that often. Just once in a while, to give myself a reward for the hard work I have done. The same with wine. I don’t even remember when was the last time I drank wine? So today, it’s a special day that I decided to have a steak for dinner and a glass of red wine. But even though it’s not a significant day, I just felt like it anyway. It just came to my mind all of the sudden on my way back home that I needed to give myself a gift today, which could be a good food, a new item of clothes, or anything that I could give myself as a small present – some form of renewal. It could even be a box of chocolate. Just anything that brings me joy – big or small.

The steak was good, so the wine. Of course, since I don’t have it every day it tastes extra delicious. Now, I may watch a good film or just go to bed early. I have lots to do tomorrow. Two things for certain are that 1) I have to plan for the making of my horror short “Blood Group O” 2) I have to finish my drama screenplay. And then, there are lots of many other tasks and projects that need to be done as well. I can’t thank myself enough for getting rid of television. If I still have it today, then I think it would take me even longer time to reach my goals. I don’t even miss it a day. I get used to a home without a TV already. Even though if I do have a telly now, but I still think I won’t be able to relax and enjoy the entertainment on it anyway when I have a lot on my mind. When I have made my dreams come true I can stay in a nice, bigger place, have a TV, and all the things that I don’t really need. But because I have money to buy them. That’s all.

A steak dish and red wine for dinner.

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