Spicy Snack

I just made Thai spicy beef salad for dinner or more like a snack for my rose wine. I don’t eat that big portion of a food. And it was a big piece of steak, so I didn’t need to have rice or potatoes to go with it. And it’s so warm today, almost like summer. So I fancied drinking something cold with a touch of alcohol, to celebrate the good weather. And rose wine came to my mind. I like serving it with a few ice cubes in the glass which makes it’s so refreshing. And its sweet, fruity palate just suited the nice weather to a tee. I love red wine as well. But since it’s a sunny day today, rose wine seemed to be the perfect choice for a balmy day. I chose the flavor that goes along well with spicy food because I was going to make Thai spicy beef salad for my dinner.

I was used to making and selling scented candles and jewelry, and that’s why the candle has BUPPHA label on it since I used my own name as the name for my candle brand as well. I love scented candles. So I also use them myself.

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