Spicy Beef Noodle Soup

I just had spicy beef noodle soup for dinner, which I made it myself. I bought everything in the supermarket. I didn’t have to go to Asian shop at all. I could since there’s a Thai shop close to where I live. So, if I wanted to I could go to Thai shop as well. But if I could buy everything in one place, then why not? Now I think, I will have more food for the rest of this week. I don’t have to order the grocery online anyway. I have everything I need now.

Now the shopping task is out of the way, I can then focus on writing my screenplay 100%. But as I said earlier, as the day goes by my energy and enthusiasm also become less active accordingly. But I have the whole this week and next week to complete my script because it’s a holiday time at the moment. Today is too late to work on the manuscript since now I just want to chill out. But who knows, after some time I may gain my energy again and begin to work on my screenplay all of the sudden. And that’s why I let my script stay open because when the inspiration strikes I can just continue to work on my screenplay straight away.

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