Curly Fries

I just got home not long ago and was so hungry. I didn’t know what to make, so that the food would be finished in no time at all because I was so starving. Luckily, I always stock frozen potatoes, curly fries, ready-meals, and things like that in the freezer, so I just made curly fries very quickly by putting them in the oven. I was thinking about making a bowl of instant noodles. But I have been eating noodles almost every day. So tonight, I must try something totally different. I attended 2 different classes and a workshop today. And that’s why I didn’t really have time to eat. I jumped from one class to the next. That’s what I spent my day today. And after this blog post, I will continue to work on my screenplay just a little bit more. I have the rest of this week to finish it. So, I don’t expect to achieve that much today – just a little. I wanted to attend an acting class as well tomorrow. But, I changed my mind. I will stay home and try to finish my script instead. Finalizing my screenplay is my top priority right now. I will try to make my dream come true this week by finally completing my screenplay.

Curly fries.

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