Berry Pie For My Writing

I love berries such as red berry, blueberry. And I love pie. So, I tend to buy pie with berry in it. It can be all varieties of berries, as long as it’s a berry pie. I don’t like eating something sweet that much. But pie is an exception since it’s not too sweet. And it normally contains lots of fruits. Therefore, it has such a refreshing taste. And that’s why although I don’t like eating sugary things, but pie is ok. Today, I have the berry pie with black tea. They both create such a perfect balance.

I will continue with my screenplay today. I am quite busy at the moment. So when I have time I have to work on my script as much as possible, to really finish it. Thankfully, I have already completed the first draft. The next step is the revision, which is what I’m doing now. But then I get busy with lots of things. So my editing process takes longer than expected. I now try to finalize my script as quickly as I can, so that I can sell the screenplay or make the movie myself.

It’s getting harder and harder to work on my script as the day goes by because my energy and enthusiasm are not at the top as when I get up. And that’s why I stood up at around 6am this morning, to work on my screenplay very early in the morning. That’s when my mind is still crystal clear. Well, I will try to get my screenplay done as much as possible today since the next two days I will be busy and, probably, the rest of this week as well.

Red berry pie with a cup of black tea. It may not look much of a berry pie since I shower it with loads of cream, so that it’s not too sweet.

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