Beef Pho

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I make beef pho for the dinner. I have my dinner early today. I don’t eat that late no more. I used to. And I used to eat several times a day. Now, only one or two a day. Most of the time is just a small portion. I don’t eat that much as I used to, which is good for my health and body. But today, I make such a big bowl of pho because I love noodles. So I tend to eat a lot when it comes to noodles, especially rice noodles. I don’t like egg noodles that much. Making pho is easy & quick. That’s why I always store noodles in my kitchen for a healthy, fast food. Noodle dish is a quick dish to prepare. It’s also delicious and healthy. You can add lots of vegetables, meat, squeeze some lime on top of the noodle soup or stir-fried noodles, to add a fresh twist to it. Then, your delicious noodle dish is ready in no time at all. You can use leftover meat. So, it’s also an ideal dish to make if you have lots of leftovers. So nothing is going to waste.

Homemade beef pho. Tasty!!!

Today, I also feel like drinking beer. Asian food and beer seem to go along with each other very well. So I must have a glass of beer with my homemade beef pho. It’s Saturday, after all. So I have to remember to pamper myself and to totally relax. I might watch a good film or two after the dinner. I will find a good horror film to see after the meal. Then, after the movie, I might continue my search for a colourist-editor and a sound mixer for my film. I just need to unwind first, to recharge my energy. Then, I’m ready. I love making movies. So watching lots of films is my way of entertaining myself as well as learning something new about filmmaking. It therefore benefits me in so many different ways just watching films.

Guinness beer with beef pho noodle soup. A perfect combination.

I also have a feature-length drama screenplay that I need to complete as well. I have already finished written it. But I like to go back now and then to revise, re-read, add or take something out, and so on. I enjoy reading my own scripts. If I find it entertaining, then it’s good enough for me. I love reading. So, if I don’t enjoy reading something, then the story or/and the writing style is not good. Therefore I read what I write, to see how I write and how I tell the story. Is there something new that I can add to it? Something no one has never seen before. The same with “Blood Type O” which is something new, no one has made a film about this specific story or subject before. I can therefore proudly say that my horror script “BTO” is original.

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