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Just got home from a casting not long ago. While I was walking on the pavement on my way to the casting a sudden downpour of rain made me run desperately, looking for somewhere to hide myself from the rain. I couldn’t really find any. So I just kept walking quickly. As to make the matter worse, a car drove past me and it hit a puddle by the sidewalk, splashing the water onto me and my winter coat, which I just bought it very recently. Now I have to pay a visit to a dry cleaning shop, perhaps.

I didn’t bring my umbrella. I normally wear a jacket with a hoodie. So I don’t really need it. But today I wore my new, brown coat which doesn’t have a hoodie. Luckily, the coat is quite thick, so my clothes didn’t get wet. Maybe a little. It would be awkward and embarrassing walking into a casting room soaking wet. So my new coat saved me from that.

I love my new coat, compared to other coats and jackets I have. I think, it’s good value for money. I bought it for £75 from Topshop in the past few weeks. It’s not that cheap. But it’s not that expensive either. I just love its quality and design. I have bought many coats and jackets that cost almost the same like this one, but some of them the quality isn’t that good. And the design isn’t that nice either. That’s why I love my new coat.

I have to be careful next time when the weather is like this. I will wear my old jacket instead when it rains. But today, it was almost unavoidable since I had to attend a casting, so I just wanted to look presentable.

I will continue to work on my screenplay now. I did work on it all day today before I went to casting. I’m almost done with the Act 1 revision. I just want to complete Act 1 as soon as possible, so that I can move on to Act 2. There are some scenes and locations that I don’t really need in the script. And maybe some characters, too. So, I’m very excited to see how my Act 1 will turn out after some scenes, locations, and characters are being eliminated. I just wanted to make my life easier if I decided to make the film myself.

The bag is also from Topshop £29.
I hang it to dry after the water from a puddle splashed on it earlier today. I may have to take it to a dry cleaning shop.
£75 Woman coat from Topshop, which I think is good value for money in terms of quality and design.
women boots
This pair of women boots is also £75 from Topshop.
oriental actress
This black denim jacket is £50 or £55 also from Topshop, which I bought it about 5-6 years ago. It still looks new. One girl was, actually, running after me asking me where I bought it.
The check coat on the left is £65 from River Island, which I think is a bit overpriced. I bought it about 6-7 years ago. I consider giving it to a charity shop. But then, it becomes fashionable again. So I will wear it a bit more before giving it away.
This jacket is £69 from Urban Outfitters, which I think is a bit overpriced as well. But it has a hoodie which is very useful because I don’t like walking around with an umbrella. I bought it about 2-3 years ago.
This jacket is £42 only from TK Maxx which I bought it about 3-4 years ago.

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