80s Look

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My horror short “Blood Type O” is set in the early 80s, to stay true to the real event which took place in the early 80s – maybe around 1982 when I was around 10-12 years old. So I have to dress like in the 80s. I play the lead actress, by the way. The colour & look of the film have to reflect that era as well. Everything, basically. I look forward to going to the flea markets, to find vintage clothes and jewellery from that time. It won’t be that difficult to find, I think. I like buying second-hand clothing anyway. So, it will be something fun to do. It’s also summer. So I don’t have to walk around London in foul weather, which is good. Can’t wait to make this 80s inspired horror short!

I don’t know about the skirt is 80s enough. But the glasses and the denim jacket are. I think 🙂
80s fashion.
It couldn’t get anymore 80s than this.

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