The Scariest Horror Film

Maybe this blog title isn’t entirely true. Ok, it’s one of the scariest horror films. I started watching Paranormal Activity last night. It was so scary. But I only saw it the first half an hour or so. Not that because I was too terrified to watch it till the end. But because, I was tired. I watched a comedy film before that on Netflix which was “Murder Mystery.” So although, I wanted to watch “Paranormal Activity” after that, I only managed to see about half an hour of it. But, it was enough to judge the film (the first 10 or 30 mins should already make the audience care, ready for the ride).

I have read its reviews: Some like it and some dislike it. It’s a film that you either love it or hate it because nothing really happens for the most part of the movie. But I think that’s the point. It cleverly filmed in a way that gives you a sense of unease. Consequently, it gradually builds the tension, anticipation, and anxiety within you. Before you know it, you’re ready to jump at any slightest sound or movement. Less is more actually did work here in this film. I think.

Another tactic of this film (in my opinion) is also that the actors look just like anybody and act naturally. It could be you. It could be me. It could be your neighbours, relatives, family, coworkers, friends, and so on. They just look like common people, which makes many easily identify themselves with the characters. Their house as well. It just looks like a typical house or apartment that you normally see, which ordinary people usually live in. Most movies, the actors look so Hollywood movie stars that seems out of reach. The houses in most movies also look so opulent or totally the opposite. So, this method did work for this particular horror film. It just depends on the film, really. Each film is different in its own unique way.

All in all, I just like this movie. I look forward to watching it till the end tonight.

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