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Hyde Park Music Festival

Last weekend music festival in Hyde Park was amazing. But performance that I liked the most was Stevie Wonder. Although, so many people were disappointed that there were sound problems, so much that they left the festival mid show. It’s also raining. But for me, I didn’t mind. Seeing him perform live was what I wanted. So the poor sound didn’t affect me that much. It was worth it, in deed. Once-in-a-lifetime. Why not? The rest was ok. Celine Dion’s performance was also fantastic. But I am not a fan of her music that much, compared to Stevie Wonder. So, it was ok. I love music. So it was great seeing all legends onstage for real. Even though I wasn’t a fan of some of them.

Stevie Wonder
Stevie Wonder live.
By the stage.
The parade.
Celine Dion
Before the festival began.
Food stalls.
Lionel Richie
Ready to enjoy the music.
Music festival atmosphere.
Barbara Streisand

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