5 Tips on How to Start Your Acting Career

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I have been working in film industry for 15 years. I first started as a film student at a technical college learning how to make films in 2004 in Copenhagen, Denmark. I occasionally did act in my own student films. That’s how my acting career began. It’s also when my passion for acting formed. So, after many years working in front of a camera, I think it’s time that I will share and give you some advice on how to start your acting career.

Below are 5 tips on how to start your acting career:

  1. If you had no experience at all and had never been to drama school, you could just jump right in by working as a background artiste to just get started. Many actors do, actually, start off as extras. You get the real, practical, on-set experience you need than if you just sit in an acting class. But working as an extra may not be for everyone since people might not take you seriously and many other things as well. You could try to work as an extra for just a few jobs, or just a short period of time, just to see how it goes and to get some traditional on-set experience. If it’s something really not for you, you can always quit.
  2. While you are working as a movie extra try to save some money to attend acting classes to improve your acting skills, if you really want to pursue your acting career. Don’t quit your day job yet either because there’s no guarantee of regular work working as a background artiste, which is self-employed job. You can’t really make money working as an extra. It’s simple enough to kick-start your acting career as an extra. But it doesn’t last. There’s a lot of downtime. Even working actors also have a lot of downtime. Uncertainty is a big part of this industry. You don’t have to do any acting either. So, if you want to do some actual acting work, this may not be the path you should take.
  3. Always look for ways to get more auditions and castings, and to improve your acting skills.
  4. Be polite, respectful, and professional at all times. Good behaviour always goes a long way.
  5. Networking, networking, networking!

That’s it for now.

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