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Cute Bakery

Just got home from a casting not long ago. Well, I had a casting around midday. But then after that, I just went window-shopping. Then King’s Road. While I sat on the bus on my way home – from King’s Road to Putney isn’t that far with bus number 22 – I then saw Peggy Porschen bakery and decided to get off the bus immediately to buy some cupcakes from it, and to take some selfies with it, of course. It’s just so chic and popular cake shop. Mainly because of its girly decoration with pink flowers both inside and outside. And everything about it is just so fabulous. People just take selfies with it and post it all over Instagram (Free advertising. I do the same by writing this blog post about it). That’s how I discovered Peggy Porschen bakery. When I got home, I made a cup of tea straight away. Then I had my afternoon tea – just without sandwiches, only the cupcakes I just bought. They tasted good, actually. I normally don’t eat sweet that often. I prefer fruits instead. But once in a while is okay. And these cupcakes, they’re not that sweet, that’s why I liked it.

Peggy Porschen Bakery
It’s too cute. I didn’t really want to eat it.
Taking selfie with nice flowers in King’s Road
In a tiny alley near Newman Street for a casting this afternoon. I have been to castings in this same place so many times. If they tell me to go to Newman Street for a casting, then I know exactly where to go. They don’t have to tell me the door number. It’s the same building anyway that they usually hold castings.

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