Cold Beer

I have bought a Singha Beer ready to celebrate when I am done with my screenplay. I feel like drinking it now. But I won’t do that. I will drink it when I’m totally finished the manuscript. If I drank it now I would feel sleepy and can’t continue to work on my script. That’s a temptation I have to resist. I don’t drink alcohol every day anyway, only socially So, it’s easy for me to oppose this temptation.

It’s also a busy day for me today. I still have lots to do. I just came home not long ago. Then, I have to go out again in a few hours. And the weather is mad today like yesterday. But I have to go out, then I have to go out. There’s no other way around. I so look forward to the summer when the weather is like this. I want to enjoy the sunshine, warm weather, walk around and eat ice cream, go to the beach, and wear nice summer clothes. Not long now before summer arrives. Now we are in March. Then April, May, and June which is the beginning of summertime.

But from April or May, and even now except today and the last couple of days, the weather starts getting nicer and nicer already, preparing itself for the summer. And as always, I will hop on a train and go somewhere interesting in UK or even Europe this summer, to experience somewhere new and explore the world some more. I am a spontaneous person and love travelling. Therefore sometimes I don’t plan my travel . I just go.

I always have some beer and wine in my fridge, to have a cold glass of it when I want to chill out.

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